“Christian Passive Terrorism”

Another Prophetic Posting

The further I got into Joel C. Rosenberg’s “Auschwitz Escape”, the more Holy Spirit impressed upon me that we are currently living in a similar time of genocidal evil as did Europeans in the 1940s after being overrun by Hitler’s Nazis.

Auschwitz Escape lrg.jpg

Too many true Jesus Followers are not praying enough support for Christians around the world, whom are being horribly burned alive, crucified, and otherwise murdered, extorted to be left alive, kidnapped for ransom and sex slavery, plus regularly raped by Muslims.


And these persecutors are not just al Qaeda plus Islamic State (IS) members, as media regularly implies. Often the perpetrators of awful violence are so-called street Muslims as you can read document all over the WWW or in the media during coverage of regular Muslim riots.

Nor are these atrocities occurring just in Nigeria,or in Middle East countries as documented at the prior link and here.

Nor are many non-Muslims taking appropriate action to resist radical, supremacist Islam, the hateful Koranic religion …not just the hateful, and violent political ideology called Islamism. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

“True Islam” is the hatred, supremacism, and violence which is clearly stated in the Koran. The Koranic Islam which is currently interpreted as valid for all Muslims by every School of Islamic Law is exactly the same as the horrendous practises all the great many jihadist terror groups put into practise. The fact your Western neighbor does not express hatred, nor act violently, like we see on TV occurring in many places in the world regularly, may simply be because they do not feel powerful enough …yet!

Below, you’ll discover the documented truth about the Muslim Koran’s hate for and commanded violence towards all non-Muslims, but particularly towards Christians and Jews (called in the Koran, “people of the book”). Trustworthy links you can check for yourself will reveal the distortions, plus outright lies, of many Western, politically-correct media, plus those of apologists for Islam in academia, politics, and even christianity.

The links are connected to a major Muslim Website for the Koran where you’ll find its appalling verse content in context.

Islam, Pillars of, poster.jpg

Following is only a sampling of the 100+ verses like them in the current Koran which Muslims are commanded by their deity, Allah to obey or miss heaven. This is what Muslims around the world, including in the West, have preached to them in most Mosques on Fridays by honest Imams:

Koran 5:33 @ http://quran.com/5/33

Koran 8:12 @ http://quran.com/8/12

Koran 9:5 @ http://quran.com/9/5

Koran 9:29 @ http://quran.com/9/29

Koran 47:4 @ http://quran.com/47/4

True Islam is an all-encompassing lifestyle …not just a religion. It covers every area of life. In fact, total commitment to Islam and Muhammad is a diabolical copy of the New Covenant, total commitment to the Jesus-following to our Master and Saviour. The Koranic worldwide ‘Ummah’ is the Muslim equivalent of the biblical “Body of Christ”.

Satan’s plan has always been that Allah’s Koran-commanded hatred, supremacism, and murderous violence towards all Infidels (non-Muslims) would overwhelm New Covenant-commanded love, inclusive exclusivism, and peaceableness towards everyone, even our enemies. (Matthew 5:38-48)

But, too many Jesus followers and most name-only, cultural Christians are buying into media-spread, political-correctness about true Islam. Under the power of demonic denial, the obscenity of the extremes of both diversity- and multiculturalism-worship demand that even the most heinous practises of other cultures must be granted the same honour and respect as traditional Judeo-Christian ideals and values. Society allows Western, so-called “Hate Laws” to be manipulated by human rights bureaucrats to enforce the perverse worship of the Demonic Twins of cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

Islamic rioters screaming.jpg

Blind multiculturalism commands rejection of the truth that Islamophobia is, and always has been, a legitimate fear. Islamophobia is a legitimate fear which all non -Muslims must actively confront and resist …especially true Jesus Followers, nonviolently.

Not resisting a probable evil like Koanic Islam is exactly what happened in Germany and then around the world in the late 1930s …especially once the war started. Denied truth plus silent consent then, like now, supports genocide.

Just past halfway through Mr. Rosenberg’s book, its two main heroes have a secret conversation in an unguarded room in Auschwitz II. That conversation is a clarion, wakeup call to practical action by today’s Christians, as well.

One of the heroes is a young, French Jesus Follower named Luc. He’s awaiting the Nazi ovens because he empowered his whole town in southern France to rescue and help about five thousand, fleeing Jews escape fascist Nazi murderers. The other main hero is a young, German, cultural-only Jew named Jacob. He was in line to be murdered and cremated for successfully opposing the Nazis by working in the German underground resistance.

During their conversation, Jacob becomes frustrated at being unable to understand why Luc, married with two young children, had risked his life plus the lives of his family, and friends to save Jews he didn’t even know.

“Your question shouldn’t be ‘Why am I, a Christian, here in a death camp, condemned for trying to save Jews?”, Luc responds to Jacob. “The real question is ‘Why aren’t all the Christians here?‘”

That statement pierced my heart like a bullet from a Nazi luger!

Jesus, naked crucifixion.jpg

It’s a question that every true Jesus follower should contemplate because our Saviour commands that:

“If anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross every day, and follow me continuously.” (Luke 9:23)

Scripture makes clear that Christians, who do not regularly speak up, and out, against the horrors of supremacist Islam are “passive terrorists” in the eyes of God. They are because of their deadly “silent consent”. Many of us take no practical action to counter the Muslim butchery of Infidels, especially those who use the name of Jesus, around the world …not just in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria. (Proverbs 24:11-12 & Matthew 25:41-45)

Are prayerless Christians any better than the ancient Hebrews God condemned and severely judged, on earth, in Ezekiel’s time? (Ezekiel 5:7-8)

If we do not soon get our act together as Jesus commands in Matthew 28:18-20, He has clearly promised us what to expect. For Jesus says:

“Since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich. I have become wealthy. I don’t need anything.’ Yet you don’t realize that you are miserable, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.” (Revelation 3:16)

In this light, faint-hearted Jesus Followers also are wise to contemplate the reality that Revelation 3:16-17 is the exact opposite of John 3:16-17 which many believe gives them absolute, eternal security?

But what if this latter theology is wrong?


Read Joel Rosenberg’s book …PLEASE!

Also let me have your questions and comments below about what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above.

Finally, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

Blessings in Jesus all …’till next we interact!


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“Testimony of A Jewish Twin Whom Survived The Holocaust ‘Twin Experiments'”

At the link below, you will discover a compelling and heart-rending video documenting the horrors of Auschwitz and the heinous Jewish Holocaust perpetrated by the anti-semitic Nazis and their sympathizers. 

Satan at Jesus' Cross.jpg
Satan vs. Jesus at our Saviour’s cross was “No Contest”!

This woman’s testimony is NOT anecdotal because she has written documentation signed by a physician whom assisted “The Doctor of Death”, Mengle, in torturing twins and other experimental subjects for years before and during WW II!

Hitler’s sympathizers were not just German, but also rich and powerful members of the U.S. economic and political elite, including Thomas J. Watson Sr. and Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.. 

Kennedy actively pressured President Roosevelt not to economically support the Allies or to join the WW II.

IBM’s CEO, Watson, plus his Senior Executives, knowinglly supplied the punch cards and equipment which empowered the Jewish Holocaust.

Blessings and peace!


On Christian Violence

“Augustine’s Just War Doctrine …Jesus Followers’ Sinful Tradition”

Another Patton Associates S-M-A-R-TBriefing™ 

The “Just War Doctrine”, believed as gospel by Many Christians, is a heinous modern example of about what Jesus warns in Mark 7:7-9 with verse 9 quoted in the graphic below!

Since Jesus walked the earth, religious people, not His true Followers made up rules and traditions to pervert what God clearly says ...the existence of so-called Just War for Christians is one of those phony traditions!
Since Jesus walked the earth, religious people, not His true Followers, have made-up rules and traditions to pervert what God clearly says in the Bible. The existence of so-called “Just Wars” in which Christians can and must fight is one of those phony rules!

Since Jesus walked the earth, religious people, not His true Followers, have made-up rules and traditions to pervert what God clearly says in the Bible. The existence of so-called “Just War” in which Christians must fight in  is one of those phony traditions!

A Man-made Doctrine Intentionally-Designed To Trump Jesus

“True Religion looks upon as peaceful those Wars that are waged not for motives of aggrandizement, or cruelty, but with the object of securing peace, of punishing evil doers, and of uplifting the good!”  …NOT

~ Augustine, Roman Catholic Bishop of Hippo in North Africa, early 5th Century

Augustine wrote this, among other totally unbiblical statements, to justify his “Just War Doctrine”. He taught this unbiblical travesty in order to support the Roman Emperor’s need for soldiers from among the great number of Jesus Followers.

Augustine had to intentionally violate Newest Covenant Scripture because history clearly documents that Jesus’ first Followers refused to serve in the Roman army for about 400 years after their Saviour and Lord’s death on His cross for them. This refusal was a major reason for their martyrdom and slaughter in coliseums throughout the Roman Empire, before Emperor Theodosius I made a newly-named “Nicene Christianity” the sole religion of Imperial Rome in AD380.

Two Corinthians 10:4 Scripture Poster
The only guaranteed way to combat and defeat evil of every kind is through prayer.

Our Lord’s First Followers were taught by every “Church Father”, before Augustine, to obey Jesus’ command of pacifism …not docile, do-nothing passivism… throughout the Gospels, e.g., Matthew 5:38-48, plus His Apostles’ writings, e.g., Romans 12:14-21.

Augustine, on behalf of his Catholic Church Curia, abrogated, cancelled-out, and substituted their violence-promoting Doctrine, for Jesus’ clear, repeated commands to use only creative, “Third Way”, pacifism.

“Jesus’ Third Way of resisting all evil is to neither fight, nor freeze, nor flee …but flow in the power and wisdom of God The Holy Spirit!” ~ gfp ’42™

The Roman Catholic Curia substituted their man-made tradition for what Jesus said, and which His First Followers actually believed. The Curia promulgated their new Doctrine in order to assist the state in protecting the Roman Catholic Church’s vast estates and wealth. That great wealth was under attack by pagan throngs from every direction around the collapsing Roman Empire of Augustine’s time in the early 5th Century.

The Catholic Church’s unbiblical “Just War Doctrine” solved a major problem for both church and state at the time.

A Major Missed Reformation Issue

Horribly, this Doctrine remained untouched by the Protestant Reformers of the 16th Century despite their claim to “sola Scriptura”. (We teach only Scripture.) The early Protestant Church patriarchs, plus their disciples, then went on for years later to promote the murder of huge numbers of Anabaptists, Mennonites, Quakers, and others, who taught a return to Jesus’ pacifism.

These large groups of martyred pacifists believed Jesus non-violent commands, plus taught and did what he ordered re their personal participation in violence. They still do!

Most Protestant Church Leaders consciously-protected this disgusting Doctrine because, like the Catholic Church which they claimed to correct, they were Preachers paid as leaders of state-supported, and state-sponsored, churches.

War Is Hell
All war is hell!

The Just War Doctrine continues to serve the needs of traditional ‘churchianity’ in its unholy relationship with the state. It is also a core component of churchianity’s “Myth of the Christian Nation. For these reasons, this anti-Christ, violence-promoting doctrine continues to flourish throughout Christendom.

Regardless of the several Catholic criteria for a war to be declared ‘just’ …criteria the existence of which most Christians, including many Pastors, are totally unaware… the Doctrine is still totally unbiblical for Jesus Followers to obey. It is the kind of sinful “tradition” against which Paul also warns us in Colossians 2:6-8 as well as here in Mark 7:7-9 .

God commands the state to protect true Jesus Followers in their Holy Spirit-commanded pacifism. (Romans13:4 in the context of verses 1-7) But he does not command the Son’s true followers to serve in them… except possibly in noncombatant, conscientious-objecting military roles.

In Conclusion

Please let me have your questions and comments below re what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

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On Islamic Reformation

“Islamic Reformation’s Results …Antithetical To The Western Concept Of Reform”

Shifts Are Not Always Good
Shifts Are Not Always Good

In his helpful article here, Mr. Ibrahim, an Arabic-speaking, Egyptian-born historian, who is a committed Christian, outlines  why the “Islamic Reformation” which many are calling for is actually dangerous!

He explains why Islamic Reformation is already resulting in the exact opposite of the scriptural positives of the Protestant Reformation of Catholicism!

How Christian and Islamic Reformation can result in antithetical results flows from the fact that the two sets of scriptures are antithetical to one another  at the core. This is especially true in the areas of toleration of others,  supremacism, and violence.

The Islam practised by the majority of Muslims,  the so-called moderates, is NOT accurately rooted in, or derived from, the legally authoritative texts of Muhammad’s supremacist, violent Koran or his Sayings (Hadith). Prove this to yourself by reviewing even a small sampling of the Koran’s core passages:

Hamas Terrorist Jihadi
Hamas Terrorist Jihadi

Koran 5:33
Koran 8:12
Koran 9:5
Koran 9:29
Koran 47:4

As you will read above,  nonMuslims can be sure that most so-called, moderate Muslims are not daily practicing the reality of true Islam because most are not murders. Most moderate Muslims are not beheading, raping, and sex-enslaving Christians and others who do not convert to Islam.

Moderates are not daily involved in heinous, hateful activities although  violence towards nonMuslims is what Allah, the Islamic deity,  commands in each of the above, or similar of the Koran and Hadith. Heinous, hateful activities is true Islam if the Koran and Hadith are correctly followed.

However,  “passive terrorism”, in many forms, is practised by most moderate Muslims because of their silent consent. Silent consent to true Islam’s atrocious practises by so-called moderate Muslims results  because of the powerful cultural control exercised by the ”Five Pillars of Islam” which most Muslims do practise regularly, if not daily,  like 5 standard prayer times.

Moderate Muslims Not Peaceable
Even Moderate Muslims Not Peaceable

Moderately-practised Islam currently is undergoing severe challenge from religious Muslim purists. Reformation (return to the original)  is what al Qaeda, Boko Harem, IS,  and the many, many other fundamentalist, Koran-applying groups have been practusing since even before 9/11.

Please pray with me to our Living God, Jesus, that all our moderate Muslim neighbors will speak up and out against Islamic terrorism.  Pray also that they will demand a reinterpretation,  not a reformation, of all the hateful,  violent passages in their Koran.

On Resisting Supremacist Islam

“Pacifist Care-frontation of Hateful Hearts”

A Muslim ex-terrorist says we Infidels must be wary in resisting supremacist, violent Islam.

Here are the recommendations of Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a committed Muslim and Egyptian-born, ex-jihadist.

First, Dr. Hamid points out that we must beware of reinforcing radical, violent jihadism by continuing to fight terrorism in ineffectual, traditional ways.

“State-sponsored wars have NEVER worked in resisting the hateful, violent thrust of supremacist Islam,” he says.

Without a real break in the last 1,400 years, radical Islam has devastated different parts of the world at different times. Jihadists have murdered, or raped and sex-enslaved, all non-Muslims continuously since Muhammad first burst out of Arabia like a deadly sandstorm in the early 7th Century.

“Killing Jihadists — which most Westerners would regard as negative reinforcement for other Jihadists — is actually positive reinforcement in their theology” Dr. Hamid says. “This is because “to be killed for Allah is the ultimate dream; it saves them from hell and guarantees they enter paradise”, Muslims wrongly believe

Second among other points you can read in full at the link above, Dr. Hamid says we must beware the extremes of multiculturalism and political-correctness at home and abroad. For example:

“Requiring female American, [Canadian and allied] soldiers to wear head-scarves, as was done a few years ago in Afghanistan to show respect for the local culture, likely worked as positive reinforcement for the Islamic radical mindset. Many Muslims regard our “cultural sensitivity” as obeisance and a sign of Taliban victory over the [Great Satan]”, Dr. Hamid indicates based on his experience in a terrorist group in his youth”

You can read more about the creative, non-traditional approaches Dr. Hamid is taking through his International Centre for Countering Radicalism (IC4CR).

Please pray as you feel led for the Christians, Jews, other Infidels, and so-called, Muslim apostates being persecuted around the world, as well as their persecutors!

My Prayer…

“Father, I ask in Jesus’ name for our Saviour’s creative, “Third Way” of responding to the evil of Islamists, plus radicalized, street Muslims, who’s hearts are to cause the complete genocide of  all Infidels, (non-Muslims) …Christians and Jews, particularly.

“Show true Christians and other people of peace how to lovingly take positive action that rebukes both the deadly “silent consent” of passivism and horrors of violence as Jesus models in Matthew 5:38-48.

Blessings all!


On Violence

“Jesus Abhors Our Violence”

Yes, Christians could refer to the Ten Commandments on the issue of their personal use of violence and passionate support for so-called “Just Wars”.

But, more importantly why don’t true Jesus followers simply believe and act on God’s commands in Matthew 5:38-48?

Why have the vast majority of Christians replaced ‘kill’ with ‘murder’ in their belief system, and ripped the entire Matthew passage, and other like it in the New Covenant out of their Bibles solely because they don’t agree?

Why do so many so-called Christians replace clearly commanded New Covenant, creative “Third Way” pacifism, NOT do-nothing passivism, with abrogated and replaced Old Covenant, violent solutions to the worldly challenge of evil?

Suggestions anyone?