​”Save One Life OR Silently Consent To The Death of Many”

Muslim and non-Muslim apologists for Islam, plus many Western media regularly attempt to justify the lie that Islam is peaceful and non-violent. Often they attempt this deception by quoting the so-called Muslim expression, allegedly commanded of Muslims by Allah in the Koran:

‘Whoever saves one life, it is as if he has saved all humanity.”

There are two lies involved in this fabrication by the apologists for and leaders of Islam.

The first lie is that, although a variant on the above expression is in the Koran at http://quran.com/5/32, Muhammad actually copied the precept from the Jews of his time.

The ancient Jewish, Talmudic saying which Muhammad copied was written long before the 7th Century A.D. It states:

“Man was first created as one person [Adam] to teach you that anyone who destroys a life is considered by Scripture to have destroyed an entire world; any who saves one life is as if he saved an entire world.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9 at https://goo.gl/VaFnF4 )

The second lie is that when Muslims hear this oft quoted expression, they have been culturally taught from birth that the ONLY life they are to save is that of another Muslim …not a despised Infidel.

The Newest Covenant in the Christian Bible, about Jesus, likewise commands:

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers in [Jesus].” (Galatians 6:9-10 at https://goo.gl/NZQkSL)

Most Christians, however, do not know that in Middle Eastern cultures, each religion is expected to help its own followers. This is the ONLY way everyone whom needs help will be cared for. This is the religious requirement except when Christians are the helpers. We are commanded in the Bible to love all our neighbours, even our enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48 at https://goo.gl/7vvRRk.)

That’s why now, in the context of the resurgence of supremacist Islam, the Red Crescent operates alongside Red Cross, but separately from it …while serving ONLY Muslims. 

Allah actually commands Muslims to have nothing to do with Christians or Jews. The Koran heinously labels members of both Christianity and Judaism as “apes and pigs” at http://quran.com/5/59-60 among many similar and condemning verses.

Most Muslims consider a cross of any colour as the symbol of the Koran-commanded religion and people group which Muslims must hate and subjugate, if not murder if a Christian refuses to convert to supremacist Islam. The Koran commands the crucifixon, dismemberment, and other forms of murder (Koran 5:33 @ http://quran.com/5/33 & Koran 47:4 @ http://quran.com/47/4) of every Infidel (non-Muslim) on the planet. 

Allah also permits the rape/sodomization, and physical/sexual-enslavement and trafficking of women, men, plus most horribly, children at http://quran.com/4/25. In this Koran-commanded verse, the phrase “that your right hand possesses” means captured or kidnapped people.

Despite the command of The True Almighty, “The One & Only in Three Unique Personalities”, in Galatians 6:10 quoted above, most people and governments in the secular Western world are ignoring the attempted genocide by Muslims of Christians throughout the world, especially, but not solely, in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Please join me in praying for persecuted Christians, Jews, an allegedly apostate Muslims everywhere on the planet …even in North America. Also please pray for their jihadist rapists, murderers, and physical/sex enslavers. 

Finally, please pray that the One True God will change the hearts and thinking of Islamic leaders worldwide whom refuse to reform the Muslim Koran, and it’s even more deadly Hadith, which are at the root of this persecution and terrorism as proven at the links above.
Blessings and peace!




On The Elite Running North America …If Not The Whole World


“How To Defeat The Global Elite s”

To pray and not curse …a lot… is the only sane, non-frustrating way for Canadian and U.S. residents to effectively respond to the economic, social, political, and spiritual morass we see spiraling out of control all around us.

Prayer, plus speaking out politely to warn those you can influence, is really the most effective, non-violent activity we peaceable North Americans can engage against the escalating, diabolical evil we perceive.
Almighty God is the ONLY force which can defeat the common Elite Oligarchy which is behind Messrs. Trudeau, Obama, plus the other current leaders of most Western countries, in my opinion!

I say this because our wonderful countries are NO longer the “Lands Of The Free” …if ever the truly brave!

Blessings and peace all!


On the Revival of Eugenics In Our Time

“The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling That Led To 70,000 Forced Sterilizations”

Covered-up History?

Be horrified at the use of the words feeble-minded, imbecile, and moron in early, 20th Century U.S. law. It’s in a fascist law that is still on the books. And still being used!

Discover how an idolized, U.S. jurist, advertised as a just person and a model for lawyers, was really a heinous man.

Most importantly, discover how the then-popular, U.S. eugenics movement acted as the tutor for the Nazi’s implementation of their final solution …the Holocaust.

You also will learn about other, awful historical facts some group doesn’t want the public to know about. All the above is documented in a well-written article, or a listenable interview of  U.S. lawyer, Arthur Cohen. On a “Scariness Scale” of 1 to 10, this atrocity is right up there with On Making Chemical Humans.

Mr Cohen is the author of the new book, “Imbeciles”. The article and audio interview are linked here. Lawyer Cohen discovered and did first-time, original research on the sterilization and forced imprisonment law because it is NOT taught about in law schools.

 So What, You May Ask?

Having learned the truth, please reflect on the proven potential, if not guarantee , that people groups repeat its unknown history?

Think about how this despicable law, still readily available to any State or the Federal Government, could be used?

Wonder with me why a clearly fascist law is allowed to remain on the books of a so-called free society based on the Rule of Law.

Please note, and pray if you are led, about how the diabolical, ugly things said  around 100 years ago …about “them”… ring horribly familiar in May 2016 in the debates about  how to “deal with” illegals, immigrants, and Islamists as the U.S. election approaches.



On Mistakes In The Koran

“Errors in the Koran”

God, “The One & Only in Nature plus Three Personalities” does not make mistakes in His true ‘Words’ …the Torat (Jewish Torah) and Injil (Christian Gospel).

Both these books are documentably and proveably uncorrupted and free of errors in the Christian Bible as now available in any bookstore!

The Koran is riddled with errors!

That is why Muhammad commanded every true Muslim to read both the Torah and Gospel of Yashua (Christian Jesus) l for greater guidance and truth than what he was able to discern.

The Christian and Jewish Bible books which Muhammad’s readers could read to him during his life are essentially identical in core teachings to those that are available to every Muslim today.

Blessings all until we next connect!

On The End Of Time

“Armageddon & The End of The Age …The Only Way To Fight Violent Jihadist Islam”

My concerns re the dangers of Islam as currently stipulated in the Muslim Koran result from its dangerous supremacism-promoting strategies …especially those of Islamization and jihadism.

In this context and others, I sense Yahshua’s (Jesus’) return is not far off!

Why The Non-English Biblical Words

You’ll discover below that I use the original Aramaic or Hebrew, rather than English, for the several, power-inherent Names and titles employed for “The Almighty” in the Bible. I do so only after defining each. I do this because in Matthew 6:9 , as part of what is popularly called “The Lord’s Prayer”, Yahshua (Jesus) says we are to treat The Almighty’s Name as ‘hallowed’ or ‘holy’ (‘sacred’, or connected with God, and so, deserving veneration). (https://www.bible.com/bible/1/mat.6.9.kjv)

For more on “The Name” of Elohim (God, The One & Only) see the video here.

Islamic Supremacism Poster
No compulsion in Islam? Really

I sense a soon time-frame for Yahshua coming back for His true Followers given the way the demonic has heated up developments involving fascist Islam, worldwide,  since even before 9/11.

Has Satan been as active employing his wiles to destroy humankind since the time of Noah before the great flood?

I believe this time-frame because I see happening around the world all the “Matthew 24:3-14 signs” for which Yahshuah told His Followers to watch. In this passage of Scripture, Emmanuel (Elohim-with-us) was answering their question “When will the end come?”

Satan Enthroned
Evil Does Exist. It is a person not a force. Like Jesus, Satan has a book full of names!

Yahshua answered His disciples in generalities so that they and His true Followers for all time, but NOT people still in the world, might know what to watch for before “the End of The Age”, as he calls it in Matthew 24:14. We can prepare for “The Great Tribulation” which Yashua prophesies in Matthew 24:9-14.

In the meantime, our heavenly Abba (Daddy) may be allowing those in Canada and the U.S., whom are being regularly and grossly disobedient to Elohim’s clear commands in the Bible, to flush themselves down the toilet. He’s already allowing folks to do that to themselves in other areas of the West.

Regrettably, true Yahshua Followers in North America, pending His return, may get pulled down into the vortex despite Ruach Kodesh’s (Holy Spirit’s) normal protections outlined in Colossians 3:1-4 and 1 John 5:18-20.

I believe that the Christians’ cursing worldly people’s darkness, plus haranguing politicians with christian jargon, violates 1 Corinthians 5:9-13! It also accomplishes nothing except exposing true Yahshua Followers to ridicule and charges of hypocrisy from the world.

The Weapon of Jesus-Following Prayer
“Though we live as human beings, we do not wage war according to human standards, for the weapons of our warfare are not human weapons, but are made powerful by God for tearing down strongholds. We tear down arguments and every arrogant obstacle that is raised up against the knowledge of God!” ~ 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 (NET)

There is only one hope for Canadians and residents of the U.S.  …Elohim’s direct intervention. Barring The Almighty’s pure grace, there is only one way He will intervene and take action against the evil rampant in the world.

If Yahuah (personal name of Elohim or YHVH, NOT Jehovah) does move, it will be the result of the activation of His true Followers’ only commanded, non-violent fighting weapon.  Fervent prayer is biblically the ONLY weapon we can use on behalf of our nations that will work,  This is clearly stated in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 as you can read under the graphic here!

Taking Nonviolent Action

Please write your federal politicians about the real dread for Infidel families of Koran-based, Islamic supremacism. Our political and other leaders need your input to overcome rampant political-correctness about Islam. Our politicians must take more and wiser action to protect us from jihadism as well as they can using a conventional war approach.

In addition, if you are religious, including being a peace-seeking Muslim, please remember that the only power stronger than “an idea whose time has come” is Almighty God. Therefore, please pray for all persecuted Christians, Jews, and jihadist’s so-called apostates, as well as their jihadi persecutors, in every land around the world.

Because persecution is growing and spreading wherever hateful, violent Muslims have enough power to take advantage of Western multiculturalism and political correctness, ask your minister, pastor, priest or rabbi to encourage, and lead their congregations in, regular prayer about this serious end-times catastrophe.

If you are a Catholic, write and invite Pope Francis —the one man in the world best placed and most expected to speak up for millions of persecuted Christians around the world— to lead the Curia to issue an encyclical (http://goo.gl/2mR9ue). There is desperate need for Bishops to urge prayer about beheadings, crucifixions, church & artifact destruction, rape of fe(males), sex-enslavement, and other persecutions of non-Muslims and apostates by Muslims.

In Conclusion

Please let me have your questions and comments below re what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

Alternatively, contact me directly by clicking here re personal questions or here to be added to my S-M-A-R-TBriefing™ Mailing List.

Your further thoughts? Blessings while you stand as Ephesians 6:10-18 commands in armour that’s easy to sleep in!

Shalom in Yahshua all …’till next we interact!

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On Syrian Refugees

“Are Muslim Refugees A Deadly Trojan Horse”

Robert Spencer is one of the leading experts in the world on the religion of Islam.

He’s coming to Toronto.


On December 13th 2015, he will be speaking on the subject of the trojan horse dangers of the Canadian Government’s approach to bringing so many Muslim refugees from Syria in such a short period of time.

He’ll also be making suggestions about what you can do to protect your family.

On Forced Conversion to Islam


There is no compulsion to convert to Islam according to our Koran,  Muslims say.

When knowledgeable Muslim apologists for Islam intentionally lie about it by saying it really is a peaceful religion, or arguing that Islamists are merely “a few radicals” whom distort no longer valid texts, or pulling them out of context, this kind of lying is commanded by the Koran.

One or more of Koran 2:173, 2:185, 3:28 4:29, 16:106, 22:78, 40:28, are the verses usually cited by Muslim Clerics, Mullahs and Islamic Law Jurisprudents to justify lying to infidels. Koran 3:28 is a key passage often cited as taqiyya’s “proof text”.

Muslim apologists deceitfully practise taqiyya until they have enough influence to force every Infidel (non-Muslim) to convert or be beheaded.

Beheading, crucifixion, and other horrendous forms of coercion to Islam is commanded in Koran 47:4. All Islamic holy books command forced conversion for all Infidels until Islam is supreme worldwide.

Apologists for Islam and many of our Muslim neighbours are taught to intentionally lie because Islamic jurists say the hateful violent verses of the Koran, like those above and in the graphic, abrogate (trump) Koran 2:256 …as noted in the title of the graphic!

Blessings and shalom!