On South Africa’s Continuing Apartheid

“Shame on South Africa”

How great has the change really been in South Africa since apartheid was made illegal?

Negligible it seems!

You will be shocked by the pictures of, and comments about, the awful, blatant discrimination still flourishing in a so-called free democracy which continues 50 years later and are graphically illustrated at this link!


On the Revival of Eugenics In Our Time

“The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling That Led To 70,000 Forced Sterilizations”

Covered-up History?

Be horrified at the use of the words feeble-minded, imbecile, and moron in early, 20th Century U.S. law. It’s in a fascist law that is still on the books. And still being used!

Discover how an idolized, U.S. jurist, advertised as a just person and a model for lawyers, was really a heinous man.

Most importantly, discover how the then-popular, U.S. eugenics movement acted as the tutor for the Nazi’s implementation of their final solution …the Holocaust.

You also will learn about other, awful historical facts some group doesn’t want the public to know about. All the above is documented in a well-written article, or a listenable interview of  U.S. lawyer, Arthur Cohen. On a “Scariness Scale” of 1 to 10, this atrocity is right up there with On Making Chemical Humans.

Mr Cohen is the author of the new book, “Imbeciles”. The article and audio interview are linked here. Lawyer Cohen discovered and did first-time, original research on the sterilization and forced imprisonment law because it is NOT taught about in law schools.

 So What, You May Ask?

Having learned the truth, please reflect on the proven potential, if not guarantee , that people groups repeat its unknown history?

Think about how this despicable law, still readily available to any State or the Federal Government, could be used?

Wonder with me why a clearly fascist law is allowed to remain on the books of a so-called free society based on the Rule of Law.

Please note, and pray if you are led, about how the diabolical, ugly things said  around 100 years ago …about “them”… ring horribly familiar in May 2016 in the debates about  how to “deal with” illegals, immigrants, and Islamists as the U.S. election approaches.



On Persecuting Israel

“Please Pray For Israel & The Obama Administration”

Please pray for Israel and her people, plus the salvation of President Barack Obama and his his Cabinet.

Apologist for truly hateful and violent Islam, Barack Obama, is about to condemn the only democracy in the entire Middle East and North Africa, Israel, to further Islamization the Jewish homeland for the last 5,000 years, plus prosper the destructive ends of Muslim, violent jihadist groups, Fatah and Hamas.

The background is outlined in the short newspaper report you’ll discover by clicking here.

Fatah is the declared terrorist organization that controls the fictional Palestinian Authority in the heart of Israel.

Fatah, plus it’s jihadi terrorist partner, Hamas based in Gaza in southern Israel, constantly send murder squads into other parts of Israel. They kill Jewish men, women and children wherever they gather in groups.

Blessings & Shalom!


On Euthanasia


If the almost limitation-free and safe-guard-free recommendations of the Lie-beral “Special Committee on Physican-Assisted Suicide” are accepted by the Lie-beral Government, Canada will then have the most-extreme Assisted Suicide Legislation in the world.

Canadians could have wholesale, Nazi-like euthanasia absent the safeguard recommendations of our Supreme Court which ordered the Law’s review.

Canada could lead the entire world in legal murder by Doctors of human beings from the “womb to the edge of the tomb”.

Vulnerable people, particularly Seniors, in Belgium and The Netherlands fear to enter a hospital there because of the Doctor-initiated, non-requested euthanasia practised in those countries now.

Under the Lie-berals free-for-all assisted suicide proposals Canadians will become rightly fearful for their adult, plus adolescent, vulnerable loved ones!

Please make the CAN Lie-beral Party Committee’s proposals a matter of regular prayer!

On PC Multiculturalism

How To Kill A Valuable Civilization”


Politically-correct multiculturalism will produce the demise of western freedom and values if we continue as we are! Below you’ll discover some non-violent suggestions to prevent the death of western culture …completely!

Multiculturalism has been a cherished value of Canada, and many of our politicians since Pierre Trudeau and his federal Lie-berals introduced it.

Muslim Riot
Islamic culture dictates Infidels may not ‘offend’ Muslims. They riot if they are …in any way!

Why are our leaders ignoring multiculturalism’s fruit rotting all over Europe? What is honoursble in clitorectomy of children, honour murder, or other barbaric forms of women-hating being imported by many immigrating or migrating to western lands.

Regardless, the peversity of politically-correct multiculutslism demands others’ acceptance of these kinds of heinous cultural practises?

The religion of multiculruralism is compelling parts of the world already to succumb to anti-Christian, supremacist Islam through mass Muslim immigration plus, now, through planned and organized migration to the West.

I’m all for Canada and U.S. multi-ethnicity. But, multiculturalism is a gangrene that will eat up our freedom and traditional values from the inside out!

What will fill the void? What will be left?

Please, speak up, while there is still time.

On Google’s Manipulative Influence

“How Google Could Rig the 2016 U.S. Election”

Given that Google dropped it’s original corporate logo, “Don’t do evil!” way back in 2009, should not the charges in this article, plus the alleged research at their foundation, be investigated by wise governments?

On Cell Phones & Cancer


“Cell Phones & The Risk of Brain Tumors …What’s The Real Science?”

As outlined in this helpful CNN  article, the WHO classification of cell phone radiation emissions as possibly carcinogenic sounds ominous!

But, it puts cell phones on the same level of cancer risk as caffeine and pickled vegetables.

Why do governments refuse to fund a definitive study of cell phone radiation to inform citizens once and for all?

Your feelings & thoughts?