Might Taking the Bible Literally Result in Murder?

Don’t miss a couple of interesting ways one Jewish Rabbi, plus his book, are encouraging people to interpret controversial sections, for some, of both the Hebrew Prior Covenants, plus the Christian Newest Covenant. The Rabbi’s recommendations are outlined in this article.

Some Christians and Jews will be concerned and upset by Rabbi Fuchs use of the word ‘bibliolaters’.

They will upset because the word, ‘bibliolatry’ is used by some to describe an approach to the Bible by some Christians and Jews as more ‘religiosity’ than “relationship with a Living Creator”.

Regardless of one’s views on the pros or cons of a literal interpretation of the Judeo-Christian Bible…

most would agree that the alleged, heinous result of literalism described in this article is clearly contrary to our Creator’s heart.

Blessings and peace!



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