“Is Radical Islam Not True Islam … Despite The Myth Hoped-for by Jasser?”

I choose to believe that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a peaceable, liberal person.

However,  one can discover a major problem with the concepts of moderate vs. radical Islam which he teaches at http://video.foxnews.com/v/4257093874001/?#sp=show-clips . The problems is what Dr. Jasser teaches is completely out of step with the Muslim Koran, Islam’s primary Holy Book. 

Dr. Jasser’s unresolvable problem is why the truly committed Muslim, Dr. Tawfik Hamid (http://TawfikHamid.com) honestly campaigns for a modern reinterpretation of the hatefulness, fearfulness, supremacism, and violence in the Koran as presently interpreted by ALL traditional Islam’s honest leaders and Imams.

The word ‘moderate’ is oxymoronic within true Islam. The term Moderate Muslim is truely a synonym for a cultural, non-faithful Muslim.

Cultural Muslims follow all, or sometimes even only part of, the cultural Five Pillars of Islam. However, cultural, name-only Muslims do NOT practise the full tenets of the Koran taught by every major Islamic Law School and University in the world …regardless of Ismanic Sect. Cultural Muslims are similar to Cultural, Name-only Christians and Cultural Race-only Jews. All follow a different, world religion. But each is a man-made religion …NOT what their Holy Books truly command for faithful Followers.

True Koran-based Islam is also NOT what the Aga Kahn’s Muslim Museum in Toronto teaches. It sells a dangerous lie about what is true Islam to unknowing Infidels whom visit this shrine to political-correctness and religious ecumenism.

The reality of Koranic Islam as true Islam is why more Muslims are murdered than Christians and Jews on an ongoing, annual basis, now. Active, plus passive, jihadists consider most Muslims apostates to what the Koran teaches. Alternatively, their raped, sex-enslaved, and murdered victims of another, and therefore automatically-apostate, sect, e.g. the Yazidis. Most westerners think they are non-Muslims because of the way Old Media describes their victimization by IS and other Islamic terrorist groups.
Please join me in praying for the victims worldwide  of true Islam regardless of their religion.

Any Muslim or other person who is offended by the negatives which I have shared about Islam above would be wise to consider:

“Who is truly responsible for defaming the Prophet Muhammad or Islam or an Islamic leader?”

Am I a defamer for sharing exact texts of Islam, and the teachings of its clerics, plus every major School of Law and University in Islam? 

Am I wrongly labeling Islam or Muhammad, whom wrote these texts down, when there are 600+ hateful, violent passages clearly commanded against Infidels (all non-Muslims) like those in the Islam’s chief Holy Book, the Qur’an (Koran). 

One can publicly read 

only two of hundreds of horrific examples of the truth of all my above statements in 

Koran 5:33 and 

Koran 47:4.

Blessings and peace!



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