The Clash Of Judaeo-Christian And Muslim Values

“Values …Mine Don’t Include!”

by GaryFPatton

My Canadian culture and values, plus my Holy Book, the Judeo-Christian Bible, as well as the Father God proclaimed by Jesus, do not include:

* wife beating, misogynism, plus inferior status for women,

* honour killing,

* stoning of rape victims,

* separation of males and females in religious ceremonies,

* public hanging of homosexuals,

* murder of apostates and every non-follower of my religion whom will not convert to it, nor

* advocating and striving to eliminate the entire Jewish race!

However, the culture and values of true Muslims do include these nauseous, cultural behaviours. 

Allah, the Muslim, not Judeo-Christian, deity, plus His Koran, command all the above, plus eternal jihad (active warfare), until Islam rules the entire earth.

My statements above are not Islamophobic, racist, nor disparaging of individual Muslims. Islam is a religio-political death cult  …not a race. Faithful and true practitioners of Islam, called Muslims, are commanded by their holy books to hate, persecute and murder all Infidels (EVERY non-Muslim) whom refuses to convert to Islam. Therefore, Infidels are right to fear Islam practised by its true Followers …not just its active, plus passive, terrorists. 

Passive terrorists are those so-called moderate Muslims whom give surveyed, silent consent to violent jihad by not publicly condemning it nor demanding a reinterpretation of the hateful, murderous Koran and aHadith. All political and religious leaders of Islam throughout the world confirm the full Koran, as passed down since the 6th Century, must be obeyed. For example, the Islamist President of Turkey, our alleged “NATO Friend”, correctly and truthfully says:

“There is no moderate Islam because Islam is Islam!” ~ Recep Erdogan

You will discover the truth, not apologetic lies, about Koran-commanded hatred against Infidels in the following in-context verses from Islam’s chief Holy Book:

In Koran 5:33 @, Allah commands every faithful Muslim to amputate, behead, crucify, and in any way murder ALL Infidels because we are deserving of his eternal curse, saying:
“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad) and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the hereafter is a great punishment.”, plus

Koran 8:12 @ commands beheading & mutilation as commanded in the above graphic,

Koran 8:37-39 @ stipulates constant warfare untill Islam is supreme over the whole earth,

Koran 9:5 @ dictates constant murderous activity, except for a short period of the year,

Koran 9:29 @ commands extortive subjugation of Christians & Jews whom jihadists allow to live without converting,

Koran 23:5-6 authorizes rape & sex-slavery of captured/kidnapped unbelievers and apostates, whether or not married, @, and

Koran 47:4 @ insists on beheading all opponents until Islam is supreme worldwide.

All the above hateful, violent verses, plus the 600 or so like them, are eternal commands of Allah. This is what Koran 8:39 @ commands of every faithful Muslim. All are irrevocable dictates until Islam dominates the planet and Sharia Law reigns supreme in every nation on the planet.

Blessings and true peace!


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