Muslim Migrant gangs turn Malmo, Sweden, into ‘war zone’ during NYE celebrations

The New Year’s Eve horror of Islamic violence in Malmo is outlined in this article.

The Koran, as presently interpreted by every main Muslim School of Law and University, guarantees the negative impact outlined by the author.
This is indisputable fact given western political correctness about the dangers of Islam …not just Islamism… and because of Allah’s commands to every true Muslim like these few among his “Horrible Hundred+” hateful, violent anti-Infidel and anti-Apostate confirmed by the following, in-context verses from Islam’s chief Holy Book:

Koran 5:33 @ commands crucifixion & Allah’s eternal curse,
Koran 8:12 @ commands beheading & mutilation,
Koran 8:37-39 @ commands war ’till Islam is supreme over the whole earth,
Koran 9:5 @ commands constant murder except for a short period of the year,
Koran 9:29 @ commands extortive subjugation of Christians & Jews allowed to live without converting,
K. 23:5-6 authorizes rape & sex-slavery of captured/kidnapped Infidels and apostates whether or not married @, and
Koran 47:4 @ commands beheading all opponents until Islam is supreme worldwide.

All the above hateful, violent verses, plus the 100 or so like them, are eternal commands of Allah, the Muslim deity. This is what Koran 8:39 @ commands of every faithful Muslim. All are irrevocable dictates until Islam dominates the planet and Sharia Law reigns supreme in every nation on earth.

And active Jihadists are not just a few …unless the estimate of homeland security experts of 5-10% of the 1.3 Billion Muslims in the world is “a few”.

The lies to the contrary about the truth of all the above by world media, plus political and religious leaders, especially the Pope, are unconscionable given 1,400 years of documentable heinous Muslim history plus Islam’s current persecution, rape, and murder, of Christians, Jews, and allegedly apostate Muslims, daily, all around the world.


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