On Islamic Taqiyya (Liefare)

​”What Jesus, Not The Pope,  Commands About Islam”

There is documentable, violence-promoting, and worldwide “silent consent” to jihadist violence by those of Muslim culture according to regular, repeated surveys.

Because of this silent consent to the violent jihad of both Infidels, as well as Muslims, gruesome forms of slaughter of millions of Christians, Jews, plus allegedly-apostate Muslims is increasing, daily

And it is escalating all over the world …not just by Islamic State (IS) in Africa and the Middle East!

As reported begrudging and apologetically by Western media, the Allah-commanded violence in the Koran documentably includes brutal beheading, crucifixion and other forms of murder. Koran 5:33 @ http://quran.com/5/33 & Koran 47:4 @ http://quran.com/47/4 are only two of 100+ hateful, violent passages in the chief Holy Book of Islam.

All Allah’s 100+ violent, not the handful of early peaceable and annuled, commands in the Koran of Islam, are confirmed as currently-still-valid by every major Muslim University and School of Religious Law in the world. 

Murder, Allah commands, MUST be executed against EVERY Infidel (non-Muslim) whom refuses to convert to Islam …according to the leaders of every major Muslim Schools of Jurisprudence.

While you are at the above-linked popular, public site for the Koran, please educate yourself by reading, in context and the present tense, more documentation of the current barbarous, heinous, and Islamic violence. 

Read for yourself other of Allah’s commands in his unchanged, 1,400 year old Koran. These commands are not just for jihadists like Islamic State (IS) Caliphate terrorists to practise as Western media and politicians argue. But the hate, supremacism, and violence MUST BE obediently followed by EVERY true Muslim.

The 500+ Koranic, hateful commands, not just the 100+ violent ones include extortion (Koran 9:29), forced conversion (8:39), kidnapping, (23:5-7) misogynistic treatment of women (4:11), plus rape/sodomization, and physical/ sexual-enslavement and trafficking (4:25) of both women and men.

Please pray for Christians and Jews being persecuted worldwide right now by Muslim jihadists. Please pray also for their persecutors as well as the alleged apostates from Islam whom Allah commands active jihadists to destroy, without recourse. 

Prayer is our only, but still incredibly powerful and NONVIOLENT means of saving the entire world from the resurgence of supremacist Islam because Koran 47:4 @ http://quran.com/47/4says clearly:

“So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve [i.e., “Infidels”], then smite the necks [decapitate them] until when you have overcome them… That is the command.”

I say the above without rancour or intention to offend Muslims, or others, but only to condemn the documentably heinous-commands of their Koran. For ALL the above Koranic commands are still presently interpreted as applicable and valid by Islam’s top leaders around the world, everywhere. 

The hate, supremacism,  and violence throughout the Koran is true regardless of what both Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims are taught about their Koran’s peaceableness at their Mosques. And these two sects represent 90-95% of world Muslims.

I say the above categorically and clearly to all, including my Muslim aquaintences, because my Jueo-Christian God, not Allah, commands me to love Him, plus even my enemies …non-violently.

 And He also commands me NOT to honour or respect ANY religion that pushes itself between Him and my Family …especially not the barbarous, dangerous religion of Islam. 

Jesus says so in Matthew 5:38-48 and Matthew 22:37-40 and therefore…


Blessings and peace!

GaryFPatton@ PattonAssociates.ca


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