Islam Blocks World Peace

This Arab woman featured in the video at this link was schooled as a young person in Gaza, one of the Islamic-controlled areas of Israel. 

Her shared truths about the Muslim Koran confirm the reason for the Middle East’s complete lack of peace …since 1948, when the Jews refounded Israel  in its documentable, historical homeland.

Peace in the Mid-East and Indian sub-continent, as well now, as in large areas of Africa and the Far East, will remain unattainable until two things occur: 

1. Muslims themselves must reinterpret the 100+ hateful, violent passages in their chief Holy Book, plus the infinite number in their second most Holy scriptures, the aHadith (traditions of Muhammad), and 

2. Muslims imbued with the destructive culture their Koran commands die out, and the persecution, rape and murder of allgedly-apostate Muslims, as well as Infidels, dies with them in several generations.


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