The Saudis at the UN Human Rights Council (sic)

Most Western nation states, excluding brave Hungry, including the despicable Lie-beral parties across all of my Canada, call these Saudi leaders ”Friends”!

Read the documentable truth in this article why they should really should be called “medieval barbarians.

The Saudi Islamic leadership markets the only 21st Century, barbaric religion which is really a hateful, violent, political ideology, not a religion .

That hateful, violent political ideology is called “Islam”!

Islam is truly a ” Death Cult”, not a religion, despite what western media, politicians, plus both Catholic and Protestant religious leaders say regularly and wrongly about Islam.

The worst of the western religious leaders is the especially dangerous Pope Francis! He despicably, and knowingly lets Christians, Jews, plus apostate liberal Muslims be persecuted, raped, and murdered while he insists Islam a “peaceable religion” and refuses to condemn it’s atrocities.

Peaceable the Islamic chief holy book (sic), the Muslim Koran itself, says it is NOT in these samples of 100+ hateful and violence-promoting verses you can read yourself on a popular Muslim site:
Koran 5:33 @ commands crucifixion & Allah’s eternal curse,
Koran 8:12 @ commands beheading & mutilation,
Koran 8:37-39 @ commands war ’till Islam is supreme over the whole earth,
Koran 9:5 @ commands constant murder except for a short period of the year,
Koran 9:29 @ commands extortive subjugation of Christians & Jews allowed to live without converting,
K. 23:5-6 authorizes rape & sex-slavery of captured/kidnapped Infidels and apostates whether or not married @, and
Koran 47:4 @ commands beheading all opponents until Islam is supreme worldwide.

God protect us from Islam, not just it’s jihadist Islamists …please!

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