Europe’s Compassionate Hatred of Israel

“The same obsessive hatred Hitler had for Israel, which led to the ruin of Europe, has persisted today in the European Union against the Jewish State. The great irony is that in trying to destroy Israel, Europe has destroyed itself.” ~ Bat Yeor, European historian

Ms. Yoer is the original coiner of the term Eurabia. She invented that descriptive word many years ago to describe what she prophesied would be the end result of the EU’s deal with the Arabic world.

That secret deal evolved during the 1980s.

In exchange for guaranteed Arab oil, the EU permitted unlimited and evangelistic Muslim immigration from Islam-controlled lands to EU member countries.

That suicidal deal effectively allowed the medium term Islamization of originally Christianized Europe which has taken place. The deal sealed the final Muslim take-over of Europe which Islam had failed to accomplish in the Middle Ages. That stupid decision by European politicians was intentionally made despite the history of Muslim take-over of states like Indonesia and the Philippines through their birthdates and immigration.

The final result of the deal will be the already observable total Muslim take-over of all of Europe, except Hungry, in the not-too-distant future …as Bat Yoer prophesied would happen!

You can view her prophetic article on this emerged reality at

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