From the Calgary Herald

BEWARE CANADIANS: If you are truly concerned about Islamic homegrown and foreign terrorism, this atrocity by our governments will make you very angry. Hopefully, you will take some positive action to confront the Liberal governments federally and provincially about the disgrace documented in this article.

Where is the political outrage over the Lie-beral Government allowing oil imports from terrorost-supporting Muslim, and other rouge nations with inferior environmental records and deplorable behaviours toward women, dissidents and all Infidels, worldwide, especially Christians and Jews?

Where are the beefed up regulatory reviews of Saudi Arabia’s climate change impacts, or their dumping practices?

Why are Justin Trudeau’s and provincial Lie-beral Governments so consumed with scrubbing our Canadian-extracted oil clean while oil from foreign sources flows into the gasoline tanks of Eastern Canada’s Irving Oil free of scrutiny?

Please write your MP and MPP, particularly if they might be non-Liberals, and tell them how you feel about the deplorable activity documented in the article below.

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