On The Perversity of the Fourth Estate

“The Media Are Misleading The Public On Syria …A Boston Globe Article”

Beware of and don’t believe much, if anything, you read or see on most Western media says Stephen Kinzer in this short documented article.

Mr. Kinzer is an independent senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University …not a biased Reporter with a perverted agenda.

You will find it a real eye-opener in view of recent events in Turkey where President Erdogan recently came out of his Islamist closet. He has completely subverted the little democracy Turkey actually had before he squeezed its life out in his documentably Islamic jihadist fist while an inside member of NATO …originally designed to protect democracy.

The author’s documentable truths, written originally in February 2016, are particularly intriguing given, as you may have noticed, that Turkey’s “Civil War” …NOT “military take-over of a democratic country” as reported by worldwide lie-beral media… has completely dropped-out-of even back page, cursory Western reporting.

BTW, Aleppo was, but is no letter, an very ancient city populated mostly by Christians since the First Century in what is now a Muslim-majority state. It was at least before jihadists, including many Muslim Turks plus Islamic State (IS) warriors destroyed it. The jihadist, Islamic barbarians, driven by the commands of the still-current and official Muslim Koran, extorted then drove out or murdered the vast majority of Christians and Jews.

BTW also, the popular media phrase “moderate rebels” is a tricky which is a complete fiction. It was intentionall designed by apologists for Islam, including the Obama Administration to confuse the general, unknowledgeable public re their true, murderous goals.

There are many moderate, cultural and name-only Muslims. But moderate Islam is an oxymoron (contradiction in terms). Erdogan himself documentably admitted this truth to Western media year’s ago from within his Islamist closet protected by Washington.

You can Follow the author on Twitter @stephenkinzer.


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