On Media Bias re Islam


“Liars Often Tell Half-Truths”

The linked article emphasizes only Islamic State (IS) as sex-enslavers and sex-traffickers.

It also fails to mention the thousands of Christians and Jews, of both sexes that are being physically-, and sex-enslaved by Muslim jihadists around the world, not just by IS in two states in the Middle East. It also refers only to Yazidi women.

These are both typical, western media half-truths.

Yazidis are considered apostate Muslims by every major Muslim sect …not just IS members. Remember the 300 African Christian girls, many of them children, are still enslaved by Muslim jihadists.

Every faithful true Muslim, not just the 100+ million al-Qaeda, Boko Harem, IS and other terrorist group jihadists, is commanded by the Islamic Koran to enslave and repeatedly rape. Several Koranic verses clearly  state this barbarity every non-Muslim Infidel they can capture …even if they convert to Islam.

Read the Koranic quote below which confirms this worldwide Islamic perversity. Note this women-hating verse is in the present tense and, therefore, is applicable to every current, not just medieval, Muslim male at http://quran.com/23/5-6.

You may wish to wonder who is paying $12K for the 12 year-old virgin, mentioned in the article, given that an active jihadist can, whenever he wishes, easily capture or kidnap his own innocent.

Obviously, the buyers are part of the majority of Muslim males around the world, including in CAN and the U.S.. Everywhere Muslims live, repeated surveys confirm the majority are passive jihadists. support the active ones with

These so-called moderates, whom seldom speak out against jihadism, support active jihadism with money or other positive helps.

Please join me in praying for both the persecuted and their persecutors as you feel led.

Blessings and peace all!



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