On Modern Israel’s Birth

“After 2000 Years Modern Israel’s Birth Was Almost Aborted”

On May 14, the modern State of Israel will be 68 years old …a modern miracle of Almighty God in the face of impossible circumstances. It was destroyed as a state in 70AD by the Roman Empire for rebelling against their pagan overlords once too often.

Now in 2016, the top leaders of modern Israel’s two greatest, and consistently longest-term state friends, Canada and the U.S., are no longer that because of their courting Islamic favour.

Anti-Semitism, at this end of the end-times, is understandably and demonically rampant again. Islamic, jihadi-terrorist groups all have the elimination of every Israeli and their country as their chief goal.

This destruction is commanded by the Muslim holy books, the Koran and Hadith.

Read how most White House and advisory staff in President Truman’s Government, plus many Rabbis and U.S. Jewish citizens, tried to abort U.S. recognition of the state of Israel in the birth canal in 1948!

Blessings and shalom!

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