Crucified, flagellated Jesus

On A Revolution in Biblical Understanding

“My God My God Why Have You Forsaken Me …NOT!”

You may be as shocked as was I to learn that the original Newest Covenant manuscripts do NOT have Yashua  …traditionally, but again mistakenly, Jesus…  making the above statement.

You will find truly revolutionary the graphic explanation in this informative YouTube video.

Hopefully, you also will find helpful and interesting  my review of this Newest Covenant Bible . This link will take you to the main page on Goodreads for the hard copy of the AENT Bible.

After reviewing one or both of the above links, please prayerfully ruminate with me on whether early Greek translations of the Newest Covenant original manuscripts perverted what God The Holy Spirit actually inspired?

Please also wonder with me for a moment whether anti-Semitic, anti-Torah biases are so subconsciously systemic in the worldwide Body of Yahshua, still today, that real truth regarding the mistranslation into Greek of the actual words which Yashua and His Apostles used, as “the Law”, have been shrouded in demonic denial for about 1,700 years?

Finally, please also prayerfully consider with me whether traditional teaching regarding the meaning of ‘fulfill’, as ‘abrogate’ or ‘annul’, in Matthew 5:17; makes any sense in the context of Yahshua saying “not destroy” in the same breath, plus His warnings in 18-19?

Common belief does not necessarily equal, correct belief!

Your comment on what I write above and at the link to my Bible review, I’d appreciate having you add below …if you have time to share.

Blessings and Shalom!



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