On The Horrors of Koran-based Islam

“Peaceable Islam …NOT!”

After researching the horrendous dangers of the Islam inspired by it’s Holy Books as continuous interpreted by it’s leaders for 1,400 years, I’m happy to answer your questions about the dangers of Koran- and Hadith-based Islam.

Please pray for the Christian families being extorted, raped and murdered by Koran-inspired Muslims all around the world plus their persecutors.

Also, write your federal politicians re how you feel about Christians not being given first place over non-threatened Muslim refugees being brought to our countries!

The teachings graphically illustrated above are true Islam despite what apologists for Koronic Islam lie to us.

These apologists include most western leaders …Canada’s Prime Minister, the U.S.’s President, and all candidates for President of the Democratic Party among them.

The Hadith (traditions of Muhammad, Islam’s “perfect man”) are even more hateful, supremacist at any cost, and violent than the correctly paraphrased Koran verses above.

Beware all, including you truly peaceable, but apostate Muslims as jihadists correctly call you and whom kill more of you than we Christians!

R-E-A-L blessings and peace in the Name of Yahshua (Jesus, NOT the Koranic mythical Isa)!  R-E-A-L is my acronym for Relational ~ Engaging ~ Authentic ~ Life-giving …when it is used in connection with a biblical truth. ~ © gfp ’42™.



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