On Euthanasia


If the almost limitation-free and safe-guard-free recommendations of the Lie-beral “Special Committee on Physican-Assisted Suicide” are accepted by the Lie-beral Government, Canada will then have the most-extreme Assisted Suicide Legislation in the world.

Canadians could have wholesale, Nazi-like euthanasia absent the safeguard recommendations of our Supreme Court which ordered the Law’s review.

Canada could lead the entire world in legal murder by Doctors of human beings from the “womb to the edge of the tomb”.

Vulnerable people, particularly Seniors, in Belgium and The Netherlands fear to enter a hospital there because of the Doctor-initiated, non-requested euthanasia practised in those countries now.

Under the Lie-berals free-for-all assisted suicide proposals Canadians will become rightly fearful for their adult, plus adolescent, vulnerable loved ones!

Please make the CAN Lie-beral Party Committee’s proposals a matter of regular prayer!


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2 thoughts on “On Euthanasia”

  1. After raping us by forcing us to exist (Every birth is without consent), you’re not even allowing us to exit in a painless way?

    Assisted suicide isn’t killing people against their will. It’s helping people exit in a way that’s not gruesome like hanging or shooting or drowning. There are far too many deadly methods out there.

    No one should be forced to live. No one should be forced to live in a body they could never choose, in a world they could never choose and so forth. Suicide is the ultimate choice. Celebrate the freedom, let people decide when they prefer to die.


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