On Muslim Hypocrisy

“The Truth About Islam”

Tawfik Hamid is a commited Muslim whom was an ex-jihadist-terrorist.

Like me, Tawfik is not Islamophobic.

However, he has helped me understand that all truely peaceable Muslims plus so-called Infidels (non-Mulims) must oppose the hate-filled, violent, and supremacist Islam.

We must oppose Koranic-based because it fuels all violent jihadism despite the lies to the contrary of our church and state leaders.

Heinous Islamism and Sharia law is based on the Islamic Quran, as presently interpreted.

Islam is interpreted hatefully and violence-promoting against all non-Muslims by many Imams.

The Koran’s supremacist violence also is taught by every Islamic University and School of Jurispredence within both of the two largest Muslim sects, Sunni and Shiite, representing 90%+ of world Muslims.

Blessings & Shalom!


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