On Prayer for the Persecuted

Please pray for:

1. Christians being persecuted around the world by Muslims generally …not just so-called Islamists. That phony term is designed to paint the persecutors of mostly Christians and Jews, as only “a few Muslims”,

2. Yazidis and other persecuted so-called Muslim apostates,

3. both the active, and stealth jihadi Muslims doing the rape, persecution, and murder of Infidels,

4. that the organized church in Canada & the U.S. will start to take greater, constructive, positive action to address this issue in prayer and with money, and

5. Peaceable Muslims will speak out against the heinous practices of their co-religionists, plus demand a reinterpretation of the hateful, violent passages of the Koran. The latter are the real root of supremacist, violent Islam …a religion which is NOT peaceable as apologists say.

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Hi! You've connected to 'The People Development Guy' in Toronto. I am a people's coach and human resource management consultant & workshop leader. To assist you with a quick overview, I specialize in business & life coaching plus training in organizations that measurably improves the performance of people! I help people flourish and organizations prosper by relating and serving better cross-culturally & cross-generationally! It's my heart, as a Follower of Jesus, to be a conversation partner with you and a servant to you in any relationship we develop. Please see my 'page' "On Truth" for a quick outline of the purpose of my Blog.

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