Why the Nudity Taboo is Unethical and Must Go

The Christian Bible, read properly in the cultural context of the very few passages involving nudity, nowhere condemns naturism.

God sure didn’t dislike it. He created wo(men) that way. The Father of all walked with our first ancestors nude in his Garden of Eden.

The first humans were “naked and not ashamed” in their creators presence! And He said it was not just good that way …but “very good”!! (https://bible.com/107/gen.3.8-13.net)

He only gave us leaves to cover us when we became ashamed, not at our nakedness, but about our disobedience! (https://bible.com/107/gen.3.8-13.net)

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I have always believed in the fundamental right to be naked. Outside of protection from the elements, from cold and physical hazards like thorns and broken beer bottles, clothing is entirely unnecessary, a matter of custom, of adornment, nothing more. I see no reason to wear clothes at home, at the pool, on the beach or at the park. Wherever bathing suits are acceptable, nudity should be also. Clothing has nothing to do with morality. Anyone who believes that society cannot function should people expose their genitals has only to look at the Bororo, Pataxo, and Xerente tribes of the Amazon, where complete nudity is customary. Going natural was practiced in Ancient Sparta, among Celtic tribes, and remains a common form of recreation for many Americans. Just visit NudeState. The image collection of families and friends sharing “naked time” together is simply beautiful. This is why it breaks…

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2 thoughts on “Why the Nudity Taboo is Unethical and Must Go”

  1. Would it be today, people hold another man-made tradition (doctrine) on the issue of public nakedness – from the Gen 9 account of Noah, post-flood? If this is another of the plethora of false constructs in Christendom…what has become of discipling & being discipled? Is it no longer, there are few who can say w/ Paul (as he received it from HS, in his years apart from all), ” I am not unashamed of the Good News/Grace of God?

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    1. Agreed, Steve! The biblical story, in Genesis 9:20-24, regarding Noah’s son viewing his drunken father’s nakedness is one of the few on the issue of nakedness , now called naturism, in the entire Bible, as you may know. Many Christians and Jews make the mistake that Holy Spirit included this story in the Prior Covenants part of the Bible to condemn nakedness and curse it, along with Noah’s son, for all humanity …or at least among His people… even, or especially, within the family setting.

      Nothing could be further from the reality of ancient Hebrew culture. Noah, not God, cursed his son, Canaan, because the Dad felt dishonoured by his child when he discovered what had occurred during his stupour. The culture of the time considered seeing one’s parent naked was a violation of the Fifth Commandment and the related Torah prohibitions of intercourse with members of the immediate family.

      One might suspect that the ancient Hebrews may have misinterpreted nakedness, as many Christians and others do in our prudish but still over- sexualized, North American society today, as ALWAYS being associated with having sex, and therefore, sinful or at least wrongly lustful. Citizens of several European countries, plus other areas in the world, have a more reasoned and mature view of naturism. Their approach is not preconditioned by the shame that many parents in prudish societies teach their children. to associate with their and others nakedness. (Wrong religion, also as you know, is extremely powerful!)

      Many Europeans and others realize that while it is not necessary to be naked to have sex …being naked does NOT have to be automatically associated with sex!

      I was not negatively conditioned about my naked body by my parents.They were private about theirs, nonetheless. I respected that. But, because I hate feeling confined and bound up by clothes, I discard them whenever possible, and remain naked as often as possible. However, I obey our religiously conditioned Ontario law except when I’m in my own home, or while on secluded, but still easily accessible, sections of Lake Ontario beach near my home.


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