On Overcoming F-E-A-R of Jihadism

“Overcoming F-E-A-R Of Jihadism Is The Key To Its Nonviolent Resistance”

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Jihadis holding victims' heads
Apologists for Islam lie that its Koran and aHadith actions of Muhammad truthfully command jihadists to behead, burn, crucify, immolate, mutilate, and otherwise murder Infidels who will not convert, or extort and sex-enslave/traffic them.

In light of the jihadist horrors perpetrated in Paris this past week by supremacist Muslims everyone is wise to remember:

“Once a regime [a group] is no longer able to frighten people — to terrorize them into passive submission — then that regime is in big trouble.” ~ Dr. Gene Sharp (1928- ) U.S. author & professor, aka “The Karl Von Clausewitz of Nonviolent Warfare”

For a 3 minute interview in which Dr. Sharp expands on his hopeful position, you can go here.

Remember, except when a violent, Muslim jihadist confronts a Westerner, like they have already in Boston, Madrid, Ottawa, and Paris, most F-E-A-R is False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember also, these cities are only a very few of the thousands upon thousands of events of Muslim terror …only since 9/11… never mind the last 1,400 years of their gruesome history. However, Infidels’ legitimate complaints about, and fear of, the religion of Islam is NOT Islamophobia.

Western fear is NOT Islamophobia as Islamic apologists constantly argue. It’s not because the threat at the root of the F-E-A-R for most Westerners is very real! The root of Westerner’s legitimate F-E-A-R is holy book-based Islam, the religion …as you will read in their Koran below. The root is NOT just Islam’s frontline warrior jihadists whom are misnamed Islamists.

Creating Maximum F-E-A-R Is The Goal of Terrorism

The misnaming of Jihadists as Islamists is continued as an apologetic ploy. It is designed to deflect non-Muslims from the truth that the danger is from the Islamic religion itself. That is the root of danger because Islam is hateful, supremacist, and violent at its holy book level.

Islamic Supremacism Poster
No compulsion in Islam? Really?

The other proof of Islamic barbarism is 1,400 years of its constant, blood-stained history. Islam’s constant, cut-throat history since Muhammad and his blood- and loot-thirsty Caliph’s burst out of Medina, Saudi Arabia like a sand tsunami in the early 7th Century AD.

The deadly history of Islam is cloaked by the intentional lies (taqiyya in Arabic). These are spread by apologists for Islam. These apologists are not all Muslims. They include most Western media, plus political leaders like Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, England’s Chief Parliamentarian, David Cameron, and U.S. President, Barrack Obama.

You can discover the truth about the First Christian Crusade’s purely defensive nature in my earlier post, as one trained in history. After the first European-launched Crusade, in 1095 AD, for a short period, Europeans were simply responded to prior Muslim attacks by recapturing the Christian Holy Land region from them. European Kings responded ONLY after 400 years of mauling by jihadist Caliphs of what, originally before Islam even existed, were Christian lands in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Christian and Westerner “Crusade Guilt”, heaped on us by Islamic apologists, is totally unjustified as you’ll read. The Muslim Caliphs, following and obeying Muhammad’s vicious training also took over, and forced conversions to Islam, in huge sections of India and Persia in the East as well as Christian lands to their west before the first Millennium.

It’s In The Muslim Holy Books

Apologists for Islam say jihadists who regularly behead, crucify, mutilate, murder in other ways, and wage constant war against all Infidels are “a few radicals”. They are not as you’ll read below! 

You can read Allah’s actual, clear commands at the link for each atrocity in the prior sentence. The links are to a popular Muslim Koran website (Qur’an in Arabic). There you can read about each Allah-commanded atrocity in context. Islamic apologists say their peaceful Holy Books are always quoted by Islamaphobes out of context. You discover the lie in this apologetic at the links above.

Islamic apologists use extensive ‘liefare’ [taqiyya in Arabic] re the world-wide, supremacist murder under Islam. Only by lying can apologists deny the reality of 100+ hateful, violent passages in the Koran. The entire Koran as quoted at the link site has canonical status according to every Islamic School of Jurisprudence (Law).

The brutal, horrendous targeting of Christians around the world is not limited to so-called “fringe groups” of Islamic radicals. Some national security experts estimate there are as many as 200 million Islamic terrorists among the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. If this number of Islamic terrorists is not underestimated, as some experts suggest, even 1%-5% of worldwide Muslims that makes for 1.3 to 6.5 million active, anti-Christian, Jew-hating and other Infidel-despising terrorists. This is a still  horrendous number of practitioners of what the genocidal Koran really does command.

On top of the above scary numbers of warring terrorists are the Muslim “Stealth Jihadists” existing in every country in the world. Numerous surveys over the last several years confirm these passive terrorists are an actual majority of the 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. (See the article with links to the surveys here.) Some of these passive terrorists, whom never speak out against their blood-thirsty coreligionists, live among us as neigbours in the West as the surveys confirm.

The horror of Islamic supremacism-seeking murder is also not geographically limited to Middle Eastern Arab countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, plus Israel, which are “big” in Western news. Nor are the worst jihadis those of the “Islamic State” (IS, the prior ISIS & ISIL). Eighty percent of worldwide millions of murders of Christians in 2013 were perpetrated by Boko Haram of Nigeria …there and in neighbouring countries.

The Muslim slaughter of Christians and Muslim apostates, often by ordinary “Street Muslims”, occurs daily from Morocco to Indonesia. (Please see BarnabasAid.org and RaymondIbrahim.com for the awful, poignant documentation of Christian persecution, plus prayer resources and donation opportunities.)

Muslim women regularly mutilated by misogynist males ...not just Jihadists.
Muslim women regularly mutilated by misogynist males …not just Jihadists.

If an Infidel is “lucky”, Jihadists may elect to force their conversion to Islam by raping, sex enslaving or torturing their wives and young women …in front of the husbands and parents. Muslim males treat captive and kidnapped women abhorrently because the Koran says jihadists possess them with their “right hand”.

You may not believe that your Muslim neighbours’ chief Holy Book authorizes rape, sex-slavery, and torture of captive and kidnapped Infidel wo(men) and young girls, so I’ll quote it for you. Koran 23:5-6 says to all Muslim men today:

“Believers must … 5. abstain from sex, 6. except with those joined to them in the marriage bond or those whom their right hand possesses [captives or kidnappees],”

You also can read this appalling verse in context at the link immediately above. It is applicable today ..not just in Muhammad’s barbaric time… as apologists for Islam try to argue. Apologists try to argue the context was only for an ancient time when asked to explain, and they attempt to defend, the quote you just read.

You can read, however, it is without any qualification and is in the present tense. This is also true for all the hateful, violent verses in the Koran. Also, Koran 23:5-6 is only one of numerous misogynist (women-hating) passages in the Koran and aHadith.

When Jihadists don’t murder Christians and Jews, the Koran specifies that every Muslim with sufficient local, not necessarily state, power must extort annual, mafia-like “protection money”. This persecution is called jizya (Arabic). The Koran commands it’s payment must be extracted from Infidels in a degrading way. Yes, Muslims do pay taxes (zakat) to the Caliphate also. But compared to the tax on Muslims, jizya is harsher and considered by the Koran a humiliation rather than a duty to God.

Muslims also subject what are called dhimmi Christians and Jews whom are forced to pay jizya to many other “subjugations / humblings“ throughout the year. These include not being able to wear a Christian cross, or display one on a church. Christian churches also must never be expanded, improved, or even repaired.

Jizya & the heinous “Dictates of Omar” are designed to persecute Christians
Jizya & the heinous “Dictates of Omar” are designed to persecute Christians

These subjugations, which I label the “Dictates of Omar”, not the “Pact of Omar” like apologists for Islam. I do because it is completely one-sided. It’s no pact except in apologists’ taqiyya (liefare).

These dictates have been regularly enforced on powerless Christians since the 7th Century. Apologists for Islam argue defensively they were designed to protect Infidels whom are left alive in a Muslim-controlled area, from non-warrior Muslims, in lands conquered by Islam. History “puts that to the lie” as you can read in the article, “Islamic Jizya: A ‘Protection’ against Who?“.

The Koran says Jizya extortion may not apply to other Infidel groups like anesthetists, agnostics, Buddhists, Hindus, nor members of any other faith groups. Allah says these kinds of Kafirs must be slaughtered if they don’t convert as you can see the Koran says here

Even so-called moderate Muslims have wielded the Jizya club for over 1,000 years. The Nazis learned how to most easily and efficiently persecute Jews from Middle Easter Muslim leaders before Hitler started the holocaust, e.g., brutalization of the defenseless, extortion, the Star of David identifying patch, church/synagogue burning, property expropriation, etc.. All these humiliating persecutions are in the Dictates of Omar and directed still in the 21 st Century at Christians, as well as Jews. They were widely used in Islam for centuries before Hitler used them.

You heard/read/saw about jizya being extracted in IS-controlled controlled territory. IS did so in areas which were previously Christian dominated in Iraq and Syria. What politically-correct Western media won’t tell you,  is that Jizya is extracted by Muslims in what are “Sharia No-Go Zones” throughout Europe including France and Britain …even in UK prisons. The key reports linked here, except for that of Snopes, are from the respected Gatestone Institute. Snopes implies Sharia No-Go Zones are non-existent by debunking one commentator whom mis-stated one fact about Birmingham, and quoting Islam-protector, Britain’s David Cameron.

Many current world politicians, plus media researchers and Editors, know the truths about Islam which so-called Islamaphobes document. Our leaders and news-providers ignore, and worse sometimes suppress, the truth about Islam.These include even usually reliable Snopes as you can read above. These news sources intentionally lie because the truth does not align with their leftist narrative.

Apologists for Islam of every ilk, both Muslim and non-Muslim, wish to string non-Muslims along. They do in order to multiculturally honour Islam, the religion, plus its democracy- and freedom-hating values. The worldwide cover-up about real Islam is diabolical except where people have, or are suffering, from Islamization and already have felt the jackboot of Islam like in Indonesia and Thailand.

Hungarians too have this reason for closing their country’s borders to Arab Muslim migrants in the Fall of 2015. They have because of their horrendous prior experience as part of the Ottoman Muslim Caliphate as recently as the 19th and 20th Centuries.

As you can see from the above documentation the Koran’s commands are the root of Muslim hatred and violence against all Infidels. Muslims believe Muhammad was a perfect man. His traditions and sayings are collected in volumes called the aHadith. The disgusting contents of these would appall a non-Muslim. The aHadith, or Sunnah, Islam’s second most Holy documents are only slightly less sacred than the Koran. Islam’s Sharia Law is equally brutal as one can  learn even from the media.

Prominent Muslims Are Calling For a Reinterpretation of The Koran & Hadith

Jihadists are not “just a few” or limited to front-line, fighting Muslims!
Jihadists are not “just a few” or limited to front-line, fighting Muslims!

President al-Sissi of Egypt is a pious Muslim. In January 2015, he made a highly publicized speech to the clerics assembled in the top Muslim university in the world. Present were many of the Islamic scholars who today confirm for all Muslims that a literal interpretation of the Koran’s hateful, supremacist, and violent commands must be followed by every true Muslim …not just “a few” Jihadists …as apologists for Islam lie.

The Islamic law scholars heard Pres. Sisi clearly say that the majority of the terrorism plaguing the world today is related to the holy texts of Islam themselves. To reinforce the need for reinterpretation/reform of all the 100+ verses of Koran-commanded hatred and violence, President al-Sissi said:

“That thinking [thinking which is responsible for producing “anxiety, danger, killing and destruction” around the world, he earlier stated] …I am not saying ‘religion’ but ‘thinking’… that corpus of texts and ideas that we [Muslims] have sacralized over the centuries, to the point that departing from them has become almost impossible, is antagonizing the entire world. It’s antagonizing the entire world!”

Apologists for Islam label people say things like the above Islamaphobes. We are libeled plus taken to court by Muslim organizations funded by Iranian and Saudi money. These stealth Jihadists get the support of Human Rights Commissions who charge and fine us despite the documentation of our politically-incorrect complaints against Islam.

Consider that the word “Infidel” (kafir in Arabic) is one of Islam’s most derogatory terms. What if a Christian or Jewish book, or Western cartoon, appeared declaring that:

“Infidels are they who deny Muhammad is the prophet of God—may God’s curse be upon them”.

Christians are pejoratively called Kafirs …and not always behind our backs. Muslims particularly pick on my Christian Brothers and Sisters, plus their defenseless children, primarily because the Koran shockingly commands this brutality …especially against Christians and Jews called “People of the Book” in the Koran.

Taking Non-Violent Action

Don't be a passivist,
Don’t be a passivist, “Silent Consenter” in the face of escalating Islamic Terrorism. Take nonviolent action …now!

Instead of passively-consenting to the jihadism of supremacist Islam, not just Islamists, that supremacist religion’s, frontline warriors, please write jargon-free, passionate, and well reasoned letters to their federal politicians!

WRITE YOUR FEDERAL POLITICIAN! Don’t just sign a petition which politicians rightly discount because they’re one click easy.

They need your input to overcome rampant political-correctness about Islam. Our politicians must take more and wiser action to protect us from jihadism as well as they can using a conventional war approach.

Demand politely that they aggressively protect our tentatively free homelands, plus persecuted Christians and so-called apostate Muslims being genocided around the world, not just in Africa and the Middle East. Tell them NOT to withdraw our planes and troops from a legitimate, protective war which Jesus, “God, The One & Only” commands in Romans 11:1-7 makes their protective duty.

Do this NOW before the continuing politically-correct Islamization of Canada and the U.S. makes this even more difficult than it is already. In my country Canada, one major challenge we have to our freedom are the horrors of Pierre Trudeau’s politically-correct multiculturalism!  This 1960’s Canadian Prime Minister is the Father of our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who recently ordered pulling our planes from bombing IS jihadists in the Middle East.

The Most Powerful Weapon Against Supremacist Koran-based Islam

wpid-wp-1447799702159.jpgBefore and after writing political power, Christians must pray, regularly, along with other God-fearing people, including peace-seeking Muslims! Christians must pray because they, alone in the earth, are commanded by Jesus to love and pray for our enemies.

People must forgive and pray even for those who attempt, support, or recommend genocide as repeated surveys say most Muslims do as you saw outlined above. We must because Jesus says so!

The only power stronger than “an idea whose time has come” is Almighty God.

Therefore, please pray for all persecuted Christians, Jews, and violent jihadism’s, so-called, Muslim apostates. Pray as well for their jihadi persecutors, in every land around the world.

On Terrorism.jpg
South African Pastor Dane Lingwood’s take on terrorism.

Persecution is growing and spreading wherever violent Muslims have enough power to take advantage of Western multiculturalism and political correctness. Encourage your minister, pastor, priest or rabbi to promote and lead their congregations in regular prayer about this serious end-times catastrophe.

If you are a Catholic, write and invite Pope Francis —the one man in the world best placed and most expected to speak up for millions of persecuted Christians around the world— to lead the Curia to issue an encyclical .


There is desperate need for Bishops to urge prayer about beheadings, crucifixions, church & artifact destruction, rape of fe(males), sex-enslavement, and other persecutions of non-Muslims and apostates by Muslims

In Conclusion

Please let me have your questions and comments below re what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

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Blessings and shalom in Jesus  …’till next we interact!

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