On Forced Conversion to Islam


There is no compulsion to convert to Islam according to our Koran,  Muslims say.

When knowledgeable Muslim apologists for Islam intentionally lie about it by saying it really is a peaceful religion, or arguing that Islamists are merely “a few radicals” whom distort no longer valid texts, or pulling them out of context, this kind of lying is commanded by the Koran.

One or more of Koran 2:173, 2:185, 3:28 4:29, 16:106, 22:78, 40:28, are the verses usually cited by Muslim Clerics, Mullahs and Islamic Law Jurisprudents to justify lying to infidels. Koran 3:28 is a key passage often cited as taqiyya’s “proof text”.

Muslim apologists deceitfully practise taqiyya until they have enough influence to force every Infidel (non-Muslim) to convert or be beheaded.

Beheading, crucifixion, and other horrendous forms of coercion to Islam is commanded in Koran 47:4. All Islamic holy books command forced conversion for all Infidels until Islam is supreme worldwide.

Apologists for Islam and many of our Muslim neighbours are taught to intentionally lie because Islamic jurists say the hateful violent verses of the Koran, like those above and in the graphic, abrogate (trump) Koran 2:256 …as noted in the title of the graphic!

Blessings and shalom!



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