On The Only Way To Stop Jihadism

“Jihadism Can Never Cease Until Islam Is Reformed From Within”

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by: Gary F. Patton (gfp’42™) [2]

Why is “The War on Terrorism” not accomplishing its goal? In fact, why is it getting worse? If economic deprivation is key, why are so many North American youth being radicalized and executing homeland jihad?

The Reason An Ex-Muslim Terrorist Says: “Only Muslims Can Stop Terrorism”!

Armed Jihadists
Even at the ridiculously low estimate of jihadists being only 1% of the 1.3B Muslims on the planet, that’s still 13M terrorists striving to make Islam supreme.

You’ll have confirmed in the video interview of another committed Muslim linked below that there is no safety by trying to eliminate jihadi terrorists.My Friend, Tawfik Hamid, of the anti-terrorism group at the Potomac Institute in Washington, clearly tells a CTV interviewer at the link below that the roots of Muslim hatred and violence are firmly entrenched in the chief Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.

CTV News | News Video – Top National News Headlines

Until these roots are dealt with, Tawfik, an ex-terrorist himself, believes the world cannot be at peace nor North American’s safe.

In the meantime, please pray for those Muslims and non-Muslims who are persecuted, raped, sodomized and murdered plus their persecutors! Please do so because of what I suggest below.

How can Christians quit praying when haters don’t quit & Satan inspires Muslims worldwide to rape, sodomize & murder our Sisters & Brothers plus their children! gfp ’42™

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