Pic of One white among a sea of red tulips

On Standing Out

“Being Just, Pure & Outstanding In A Crowd”

Do you stand out in a crowd like the white tulip in the sea of red ones above as Holy Spirit commands in the graphic below?

Is working for the “right riches” as Father God defines them your heart’s desire …if not your constant performance level throughout each day?

Quote of Colossians 3:23
Working this way is only possible in the power of God The Holy Spirit because Jesus lives in you!

Only if Jesus does live in you, will I see you in heaven because of what the next verse says at the link here for Colossians 3:23 plus 24.

The reward referred to in verse 24 is available to every person because Jesus died and rose from His grave for you as the full payment for your many sins as it says below …no matter what you have, are, or will do! When you let Jesus control your life, He promises to come and live within you to empower the abundant life He also promises you in the dirty here and now …not just the hereafter.

Quote of Romans 10:9-10
Obeying the above command in the New Covenant of the Bible is the key, first step in the simple formula to agree with the predestined, guaranteed personal relationship, through Jesus, with “God, The One & Only”

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Blessings all …until we interact next!

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