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On PC Multiculturalism

How To Kill A Valuable Civilization”


Politically-correct multiculturalism will produce the demise of western freedom and values if we continue as we are! Below you’ll discover some non-violent suggestions to prevent the death of western culture …completely!

Multiculturalism has been a cherished value of Canada, and many of our politicians since Pierre Trudeau and his federal Lie-berals introduced it.

Muslim Riot
Islamic culture dictates Infidels may not ‘offend’ Muslims. They riot if they are …in any way!

Why are our leaders ignoring multiculturalism’s fruit rotting all over Europe? What is honoursble in clitorectomy of children, honour murder, or other barbaric forms of women-hating being imported by many immigrating or migrating to western lands.

Regardless, the peversity of politically-correct multiculutslism demands others’ acceptance of these kinds of heinous cultural practises?

The religion of multiculruralism is compelling parts of the world already to succumb to anti-Christian, supremacist Islam through mass Muslim immigration plus, now, through planned and organized migration to the West.

I’m all for Canada and U.S. multi-ethnicity. But, multiculturalism is a gangrene that will eat up our freedom and traditional values from the inside out!

What will fill the void? What will be left?

Please, speak up, while there is still time.


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