Jihadi child abuse

On Dangerous Ideology

“Facts About The Most Dangerous Ideology On The Planet”


The Linked Video Above Is Powerful

Koran 8:39 Commanding Forced Conversion to Islam
Jihadists recruit children around the world to force the conversion of, or murder, Infidels as their Koran commands above. Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority state in the world.

Raymond Ibrahim is an Egyptian-born historian and expert on Islam. He also is the author of the chilling books “The al-Qaeda Reader” and “Crucified Again …Exposing Islam’s War Against Christians”. Both of these books document what Islam stands for, and has been, plus is, doing, around the world during the last 1,400 years.

Mr. Ibrahim now has developed, and is the featured instructor for, the latest Prager University course: “Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology.”

Learn why wariness about Islam, especially the extremes of it’s radical, political ideology,  Islamism, is NOT Islamophibia. This historian summarizes in the the above video also linked here on YouTube why the charge of Islamophobia is a fiction.

Be educated and understand why from the documented facts in the video how you will help other Infidels and Muslims by sharing these on your social media accounts.

Similarly to Surah 8:39 above, the Koran of supremacist Islam commands, in 100+ verses, the brutal crucifixion, immolation, mutilation and other forms of murder to force conversion of every non-Muslim, plus so-called apostates many of whom are simply peaceable, cultural Muslims.

Jihadis holding victims' heads
Apologists for Islam lie that its Koran and aHadith actions of Muhammad truthfully command jihadists to behead, burn, crucify, immolate, mutilate, and otherwise murder Infidels who will not convert, or extort and sex-enslave/traffic them.

But not all, so-called moderates disagree with their jihadist co-coreligionists. Many Western Muslims silently consent and engage in stealth jihad, plus most non-western street Muslims react violently to so-called affront as we can see regularly on TV news reports.

The passive terrorism of many of the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world is confirmed by numerous, third-party surveys over the last several years. (See the article including links to the surveys here.)

These independent surveys confirm the increasing radicalism of worldwide Muslims discussed in the above video by Mr. Ibrahim.

Taking Non-violent Action

Please write your federal politicians about the real dread for Infidel families of Koran-based, Islamic supremacism. Our political and other leaders need your input to overcome rampant political-correctness about Islam. Our politicians must take more and wiser action to protect us from jihadism as well as they can using a conventional war approach.

On love
Jesus loved all humanity so much He died and rose from His grave to set us free from the penalty for our many sins plus an abundant life in the dirty here and now as well as the hereafter!

However, if you are religious, including being a peace-seeking Muslim, please, remember that the only power stronger than “an idea whose time has come” is Almighty God. Therefore, please pray for all persecuted Christians, Jews, and Islamism’s, so-called Muslim apostates, as well as their jihadi persecutors, in every land around the world.

Because persecution is growing and spreading wherever violent Muslims have enough power to take advantage of Western multiculturalism and political correctness, ask your imam, minister, pastor, priest or rabbi to encourage, and lead their congregations in, regular prayer about this serious end-times catastrophe.

If you are a Catholic, write and invite Pope Francis —the one man in the world best placed and most expected to speak up for millions of persecuted Christians around the world— to lead the Curia to issue an encyclical. There is desperate need for Bishops to urge prayer about church and artifact destruction, rape of fe(males), sex-enslavement/trafficking, and other persecutions by Muslims of non-Muslims and apostates.

In Conclusion

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