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“The Five ‘Solas’ Prerequisite To The Best News …Ever”

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Christian Bible
The Old & New Covenants (Testaments) are two very different sections of the Christian Bible explaining two very different routes to God’s forgiveness. The latter totally abrogates the former.

The Five What?

“The Five Solas” are the distinguishing characteristics, or key points, that separate the true New Covenant (New Testament) “Gospel” of Jesus (“Good News”) from false gospels.

The Jesus-following New Covenant from God is part of the Bible. God’s New Covenant, however, is only the later-timed part of the complete Bible regarding Jesus’ Good News.

This “Good News“ Is For Everyone of All Ages

I Corinthians 6:19
Humans are NOT God! But God The Holy Spirit does come to live within Followers of Jesus, God The Son, as a gift from God The Father.

God’s New Covenant contains VERY different promises about ‘salvation’ from the Jewish Prior Covenants (Old Testament). God made these covenants with the Jews some time before He was ready to send their promised Messiah, Jesus,  whose Jewish name is Yeshua (Joshua).

The core features and benefits of Jesus’ New Covenantal “Good News” to all humankind is outlined simply in 1 Corinthians 15:3-7.

“You Say You’re Whom?”

Most of the Jews of Jesus’ time did not acknowledge Jesus, as the God-man, come in human flesh, who was prophesied in their own Prior Covenants. Emmanuel comes from the Hebrew name עִמָּנוּאֵל (‘Emmanuel), meaning “God is with us”. This was the foretold name of the Jews’ Messiah in their Prior Covenants.

God sent Jesus to the Jews, first, so they could trust in Him, their prophesied Messiah, and no longer in their stultifying religious rules. Jesus also came to correct their incomplete description of what He, God, is truly like and not as outlined in the Jews’ Prior Covenants.

God is NOT a “big,  bad cop in the sky” which most people misbelieve! This is clearly demonstrated by Jesus in God’s New Covenant with everyone …not just the Jews.

Following most Jews’ rejection of Jesus, God extended His “Good News” to all humankind. He had earlier promised this to the Jews in their part of the Bible that He would do so some day:

“Then it will come about at a later time that I will pour out my Spirit on every person. …”  ~ Joel 2:28

Split Personality Cop
Jesus, “God the One & Only” is pure love. He does NOT have two sides …yet!

Please note that the Jews were not alone in crucifying Jesus. This is a horrible antisemitic lie. We all crucified Jesus because of our sin nature and any sins… both of which demand His redeeming.

Now about those false Gospels…

Jesus, “God, The One & Only” warns that there will be many false gospels spread around by many dangerous people all throughout time until He returns for His Elect People.

God warns about the deadly dangers of false gospels,  repeatedly in His New Covenant. In Matthew 7:15, for example Jesus warns everyone:
“Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are savage wolves.”

So! What’s The Big Deal?

At stake is our ability to clearly understand the Good News of Jesus itself. Therefore, The Five Solas combined, and interlocked, are a matter of eternal life or death.


Obeying all five is the ONLY way to do your small part in ensuring that Jesus “knows” you …as He warns us in Matthew 7:21-23.

Getting the Gospel ‘right’ was of such importance that Jesus’ Apostle (Sent Out One) Paul wrote to his early,  Jesus-following Disciples (Learners) in Galatians 1:9:

“As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is sharing with you a gospel other than what you accepted [from me], let him be castrated!”

So! What Are These Solas?

The Gospel is Good News for for everyone regardless of what they will ever do ...past present & future. Jesus paid the full price on His cross!
The Gospel is Good News for everyone regardless of what they will ever do …past present & future. Jesus paid the full price on His cross!

The Latin word ‘sola’ means ‘alone’ or ‘only’. The essential aspects of Jesus’ teaching about His Good News are represented by five Latin phrases. These five phrases accurately summarize the New Covenant’s consistent teaching on the true ‘why’ of God coming to earth as the God-man.

The five phrases Plus their short definition are:
“Sola Scriptura – scripture alone,
“Sola Fide – faith alone,
“Sola Gratia” – grace alone,
“Sola Christus” – Christ alone, and
“Sola Deo Gloria” – for God’s glory alone.

Another common Sola, which used to be in everyday usage by many true Jesus Followers, is “Sola Volente”…God willing. But, the core Five Solas above eventually came to define, and summarize, the key issues of “The Protestant Reformation”.

Protestants Say Our Beliefs are Original New Covenant Truth

Underlined Bible pages
The Bible doesn’t just contain truth it is “The Word of God”. There is no Pope or church hierarchy or 5 prayers a day which  can bring God and man into true intimacy!

The ‘Reformation’ was the 16th-century religious, political, intellectual, and cultural upheaval that splintered the then Catholic Europe and greatly departed from Catholic and Orthodox Church beliefs.

During the Reformation most true Jesus Followers broke away from the Catholic Church because of the errors its Curia (controlling hierarchy) introduced to, or modified from what Jesus intended and taught before He left the earth.

Each of the above five Latin phrases represents a key area of belief that was an major issue of contention between the Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church’s Pope and his cardinals. Why God allowed men to pervert His truths is a mystery about Him.

However today, the definition of the Sola phrases still accurately summarizes the core contents of The True Gospel, plus Jesus-following life and practice.

Why Are The Solas So Key?

Each of the Solas is vitally important. They are all closely tied together. Deviation from one will lead to error in another essential truth. The result will almost always be a false gospel which is powerless to save. As Paul says in Romans 1:16:
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for the salvation of everyone who believes, for the Jews first and then everyone else as well.”

Only the power of Jesus can empower the otherwise impossible job of obeying The Five Solas …effortlessly. But Jesus handles that difficult challenge for us all as well.


Jesus promises to come and live inside every new Follower of His.  He spiritually indwells every Follower from her/his moment of salvation. He does so when anyone chooses in their heart to believe in, follow, and obey Him.
Paul confirms Jesus’ guarantee in another of his inspired letters in 1 Corinthians 6:19 as outlined in the graphic here.

In yet another of the Apostle Paul’s inspired letters, God describes how “Salvation Is By His Grace-Driven Love …Not Because Of What Anyone Does”. His New Covenant confirms this in Ephesians 2:8-10.

Why Is Salvation Crucial?

Relationship vs. Rules
Intimacy with God trumps regalia, rituals, & rules!

Salvation simply means our forgiveness through God’s unmerited grace. We accept His FREE gift acknowledging, on faith, that Jesus’ death on His cross of crucifixion paid for our sin nature and any sins in full.

The relationship of a Follower’s faith, vs. his/her unbiblical belief that the things they do are the key to their salvation, was often stressed by the Apostle Paul in his discipleship training. That’s why Sola Fide, “Faith Alone” is one of the core five.

Through Paul’s inspired writings,  God makes clear the importance of faith in salvation in the New Covenant letters He had Paul write to new Followers of Jesus. Paul’s letters were assembled later as books in the New Covenant.

Through Paul, God told the early Jesus Followers, plus everyone who hears or reads His truths, that people are “justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the [Jewish] law [including The 10 Commandments]” (Galatians 2:16). ‘Justified’ simply means “just like you never sinned.” The rest of the New Covenant’s other teachings about salvation, also inspired by God, agree with Galatians 2:16.

Many call the legalistic works-approach to salvation, about which Paul warned, ‘religion’.

If you wish to discover how easy it is to receive God’s grace mentioned at the last link, which will empower you to truly follow Jesus, you can do so in the words of Romans 10:8-13. In these few short verses, The New Covenant describes “How To Personally Connect With The Living God, Jesus”.

In Conclusion

Gary F. Patton
Gary F. Patton

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