On Being Naked Before God – Part 1 – The Positive Spiritual Side of Nakedness

Here are the documented, Biblical truths about a badly-distorted subject in North America …especially among Christians.

This post is by an experienced Christian Pastor.

Be enlightened about the spiritual and other benefits of nakedness!

All Things Rabyd

Well, time to get as close to the edge as I can without hopefully falling over.  You cannot know precisely how people will react however, so I offer this disclaimer.  I am not a nudist and I don’t go around being naked in front of people other than my wife.  I have never been to a nudist colony or resort.  I suppose this does not make me very qualified to post something like series, but this is causing part of my mind to explode with ideas and I have to get them on digital paper.  In theology pub terms, I have to get this out of the barrels before it explodes and makes a mess in the wine cellar.

Nudism has many forms and I do not think that nudism is for everyone or appropriate in all situations.  However, the purpose of this post is a positive one as I am examining the benefit of nudity’s…

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