On The Conflict Between Science And Christianity


“Real Science & Jesus-following Do Not Have To Be At Loggerheads”

There are two kinds of scientific enquiry:
1. ‘experimentation’, and
2.  ‘inference’ or ‘abduction’.

Scientific theories that are based on repeated observation and experimentation carry more authority in the scientific community than those which are not.

There is always the danger of the media and the public failing to appreciate this fact.

Attitude vs. Perception
Evolutionary scientist’s regularly accuse Christians of being irrational …if not insane.

When the two approaches to science are not understood and stated, people intentionally, or mistakenly, clothe abduction/inference with the authority of experimentation.

This error wrongly elevates personal opinion to the level of replicable science.

There is no real war between science and religion,  in my opinion. When has an atheist ever debated an Islamist?

The root of the seeming controversy between science and Christianity is demonic, in my opinion! The alleged war is fear-induced opposition to Jesus Followers by anti-supernatural / materialistic scientists.

I penned the above after reading “Defining Science”, pp. 32-35 of “God’s Undertaker”, an excoriating demolition of the theses of the “New Scientists” by John C. Lennox,  a British author and mathematics professor.


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