On Emotional Intelligence


“Does Great Danger Lurk Behind Using This Skill Well?”

Like using any skill, being able to read people well can be used for good or evil!

But has the emphasis on developing the “Emotional Intelligence” of students and business people failed to educate about it’s potential for immorality? This is the negative thesis of the author of the article, “The Dark Side Of Emotional Intelligence” at the link here.

But, among we much-wounded people in our modern world can anyone any longer influence morality through public or media education?

Let us not forget that Robert B. Cialdini, author of “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion” warned the readers of his excellent book of the same danger, years ago! He pointed out back in 2006 that the powerful, psychological techniques which he simply explains could be used to accomplish evil?

If you have a business background like me, have you not known Sales Managers who taught their salesman to manipulate their customers to buy more or unwisely by doing just that?

Your feelings (pun intended) and thoughts?


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