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“The Art of Persuasion”

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The following business and life tips, which I call “Money-Making S-M-A-R-TTips™”, are ones I designed for, and shared during, my Executive Education Programme called: “The Art of Persuasion …Selling Skills For Non-Sales Professionals”. I developed and test-pilot-taught this programme for Toronto’s world-class, “Schulich MBA School”.

Money-Making S-M-A-R-TTips™ are pithy, practical, and pungent one-liner-pegs on which to hang a crucial, more complex concept.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

~ Aristotle (BC 385-322) Greek philosopher

“Here’s Your Business & Life Tips”

Manipulation can be both positive as well as negative.
Beware manipulating others to do what is NOT in their best interests!

“Ethically influencing others to adopt our ideas is the heart of a comfortable ‘Personal Persuasion Philosophy™”.

“You are rewarded for what you do with what you know, not for what you know.”

“The difference between a dull mind and a brilliant one is the desire to know and the fearlessness to ask!”

“What goes around, comes around. Shun manipulation!”

“Avoid the dangerous myths of ‘traditional selling’ by being an ethical influencer!”

Q-U-E-S-T™ is the essence of the Art of Persuasion and the key to effective influence. (Questioning; Understanding; Empathizing; Smiling; Trustworthiness)

“Ask the right series of questions and you can lead others where you need them to go!”

“Ask questions to discover people’s pain and passion. Then help them address it!”

Ethical questing leads people.
Effective questioning is the key to ethical persuasion!

“When in doubt about what to say, ask a question!”

“Seek first to understand and then to be understood!”

“Selling is a 70%/30% listening proposition!”

“Hearing is automatic and natural but listening is a learned skill, an intentional choice, and hard work!”

“Because intentional listening is so powerful, label it ‘white magic’!”

“Listen intentionally and others will tell you how to persuade them!”

“People buy on emotion backed up only by enough logic so they don’t look foolish!”

“You can relate best and persuade easiest when you are a life-long student of the art of intentional listening!”

“Listen empathetically with the ears of your heart as well as your head. Then, feedback periodically!”

“Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you frown alone!”

“Do not wait to earn trust; take intentional action to build it!”

“Your influence relates not to what you say, or how well you say it, but to who you are!”

“Calm, collected, & empathetic people always have choices!”

Knowing what true is crucial!“‘The Four-Way Test’ of Rotary International is a helpful one for those who wish to persuade others:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendship?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

“You have the right to be angry! You do not have the right to display it inappropriately.”

“A grey-type person in their ‘passive’ backup style is your most difficult customer!”

“A gushy over-friendly person in their ‘passive-aggressive’ back-up style is your most dangerous prospect!”

“Success comes easiest by harmonizing the twin pillars of fire and focus!”

“To optimize your performance and success, passionately demonstrate your strengths and creatively work around your misnamed, socalled weaknesses!”

Putting his best foot forward"
Your total picture is what counts in persuasion!

“Embrace all stalls, objections, and disagreements as allies not adversaries!”

“S-A-L-V-E™ each objection carefully, and probe for those that are hidden!” (Scrutinize prospect; Assuage her; Level playing field; Verify your stand; Engage prospect again!)

“Embrace all stalls, objections, and disagreements as allies not adversaries!”

“Most conflicts begin with or can be tracked to a misunderstanding.”

“Active, healthy and ongoing conflict ensures a team is operating at its best!”

Anger is a gift and clearly discloses how you feel. Only rage in dangerous and inappropriate!

“The key to modulating resistance to prevent conflict is to determine its source and prevent it from escalating, inappropriately.”

“Disagree without being disagreeable.”

What would you do if you weren't affraid?“You own the emotions you feel. You create them by how you see the world.”

“To more easily resolve conflict avoid ‘billy-goating’ and “You …!” statements. Use the ‘Connect Model’ and ‘W-I-N/Win Model™’ instead!”

“Eliminate ‘absolutes’ from your vocabulary as untrue and unfair …to minimize conflict!”

“Freedom is the power to make right choices …not to do what you feel like doing!”

“Practise does not make perfect; perfect practise makes perfect!”

“Change is constant and inevitable. Growth is optional and intentional!”

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they spring up.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes (1841–1935), American jurist

Please let me have your questions and comments about what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

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Gary F. Patton
Gary F. Patton

Blessings in Jesus all …’till next we interact!

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