On Obesity

“Why Most North Americans Are Overweight or Obese!” 

The recommendations of the so-called experts, who did the unwellness report on obesity outlined here in Time Magazine, intentionally ignores the well-known culprit which has caused the the deadly expansion waistlines of North Americans over the last 20 years.

The international best-seller “Wheat Belly” tells the truth that all modern hybridized grains are addictive, silent killers.

The gluten & chemicals in hybridized grains are weight-producing & deadly
The gluten & chemicals in hybridized grains are weight-producing & deadly

Hear the short version about grain’s horrors in the quickie audio review of the book’s truths. This audio shares why your bulging belly, or your embarrassing “man breasts”, are “NOT your fault”!

The Website of the book’s cardiologist author, Dr. William Davis, will give you the truth you need to know.

Government and big business lie re the truth about our favourite starches that kill …slowly but effectively!


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