On Believing

“How To Block Your ‘Little Foxes’”

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One’s growth in Jesus can seem like it’s taking an eternity. However, He has led me to “know that I know, that I know” that everything of R-E-A-L value is simple. (Biblically R-E-A-L is my acronym for Relational ~ Engaging ~ Authentic ~ Life-giving — © gfp ’42™.)

Song of Songs 2:15  Text
Song of Songs 2:15 Text

As an example, if I had understood, fully, the power of just “believing” what God says about everything in life, I could have saved myself some problems and helped others better as well. If I just could have remembered that the New Covenant Greek word for ‘believe’ includes the sense of “putting trust in”.

In the last few years, however, I have seen that “little foxes” had gotten into the fields of my relationships with God and others, plus other areas of my life, and were “spoiling the blooming vineyard”. (See graphic, Song of Songs 2:15 to the left and here.) I did not yet recognize, fully, that believing, and faith, are like yeast. They can have both an upside, or a downside, depending on in what one believes.

For example, I often found it easier to have faith for the less significant things in my life. But other times, I would leave room for unbelief to creep in regarding the bigger things with which I was dealing.

The Gospels have 100+ references to believing. That should have told me something in the first year of walking out my new life in Jesus. But, I missed it. Regrettably also, no one I heard, or read, back then taught it in a way that helped me to experience an “Ah hah”, either.

The promises of God, which number into the thousands, cover every area of life. To get to the place of complete “trust in” means that the peace and Word of God needs to dwell in true Jesus Followers …richly! (Colossians 3:16) Only this way, will we be able to keep the ravaging dogs of unbelief at bay, always.

I have still not ‘arrived’, fully yet, in this area. But, through the power of Holy Spirit, continuing to evolve me from the inside out, I am becoming increasingly better aware of when unbelief, or doubt, is starting to creep into my thinking or heart. And Holy Spirit is accomplishing that Godly improvement in me, like all others, in His way, and in His time!

Demons Are Beatable, In Jesus
Demons Are Beatable, In Jesus

A true Jesus Follower’s believing does not just affect us alone. Our beliefs impact everyone around us, I sense. Corporate believing and faith multiples the action-effectiveness of everyone in the local Body of Jesus.

Father, please grace us to better and easier block the demonic “Little Foxes” trying to force their way into our lives.

Please let me have your questions and comments below about what you’d add to, or disagree with, about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

Blessings in Jesus all …’till next we interact!

© Copyright 2015 05 13 gfp ‘ 42™ under a “Creative Commons 3.0 License” for your not-for-profit use as you wish.


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4 thoughts on “On Believing”

    1. Thank you, James, for inviting me to comment on your post at the above link.

      I read it on your site. I did not see one thing with which I did could not agree.

      Like you, I believe, that in true Jesus-following, relationship 💑 will always trump religion!

      Your invitation also garnered got many interesting comments under your actual post.

      You write very well, my Brother. You especially use subheadings very powerfully. Your “slithering spiritualizations” heading, among other illiterative illustrations, is simply sensuous!

      You might wish to consider splitting lengthy pieces like this one into two, three or even more, to better hold your reader’s attention to valuable points you made. I say this because you covered a number of subjects/myths, potentially treatable separately, under your general heading.

      Blessings in Jesus!

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