Bible vs. Koran

On Islamic Reformation

“Islamic Reformation’s Results …Antithetical To The Western Concept Of Reform”

Shifts Are Not Always Good
Shifts Are Not Always Good

In his helpful article here, Mr. Ibrahim, an Arabic-speaking, Egyptian-born historian, who is a committed Christian, outlines  why the “Islamic Reformation” which many are calling for is actually dangerous!

He explains why Islamic Reformation is already resulting in the exact opposite of the scriptural positives of the Protestant Reformation of Catholicism!

How Christian and Islamic Reformation can result in antithetical results flows from the fact that the two sets of scriptures are antithetical to one another  at the core. This is especially true in the areas of toleration of others,  supremacism, and violence.

The Islam practised by the majority of Muslims,  the so-called moderates, is NOT accurately rooted in, or derived from, the legally authoritative texts of Muhammad’s supremacist, violent Koran or his Sayings (Hadith). Prove this to yourself by reviewing even a small sampling of the Koran’s core passages:

Hamas Terrorist Jihadi
Hamas Terrorist Jihadi

Koran 5:33
Koran 8:12
Koran 9:5
Koran 9:29
Koran 47:4

As you will read above,  nonMuslims can be sure that most so-called, moderate Muslims are not daily practicing the reality of true Islam because most are not murders. Most moderate Muslims are not beheading, raping, and sex-enslaving Christians and others who do not convert to Islam.

Moderates are not daily involved in heinous, hateful activities although  violence towards nonMuslims is what Allah, the Islamic deity,  commands in each of the above, or similar of the Koran and Hadith. Heinous, hateful activities is true Islam if the Koran and Hadith are correctly followed.

However,  “passive terrorism”, in many forms, is practised by most moderate Muslims because of their silent consent. Silent consent to true Islam’s atrocious practises by so-called moderate Muslims results  because of the powerful cultural control exercised by the ”Five Pillars of Islam” which most Muslims do practise regularly, if not daily,  like 5 standard prayer times.

Moderate Muslims Not Peaceable
Even Moderate Muslims Not Peaceable

Moderately-practised Islam currently is undergoing severe challenge from religious Muslim purists. Reformation (return to the original)  is what al Qaeda, Boko Harem, IS,  and the many, many other fundamentalist, Koran-applying groups have been practusing since even before 9/11.

Please pray with me to our Living God, Jesus, that all our moderate Muslim neighbors will speak up and out against Islamic terrorism.  Pray also that they will demand a reinterpretation,  not a reformation, of all the hateful,  violent passages in their Koran.


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