On God Loving Everybody

“The Gospel of Love Is Not Biblical”


David Pawson says some irreligious things about the very popular and misused verse in this graphic plus at this link in context of  its surrounding verses.

Pawson documents clearly that nowhere in the New Covenant does Holy Spirit record that the Father has Jesus, or any of his Apostles, say that God loves everyone …other than when they’re talking to Followers of God’s Son.

I commend Pastor Pawson’s book, “Is John 3:16 the Gospel?”, to you. It’s reviewed on Goodreads here.

Pawson’s key thesis, in addition to a helpful explanation of the various meanings of ‘love’ in New Covenant Scripture, is that God loved everybody, PAST TENSE. As you can read above, this is what John 3:16 clearly says. It does NOT use the present tense …the way so many Christians preach and teach in the North American popular, “Love Gospel”.

Nonetheless, the entire Bible IS still a love story. It’s about how, because God did love us all, once, He took action to empower everyone to resolve their individual, otherwise-irresolvable, problem with humankind’s sin nature.

Jesus on cross 2

The entire Bible is a glorious love story that foretells, and then, demonstrates the why and how of God The Father sending Jesus, the incarnate God-Man as God The Son in the power of God The Holy Spirit. Because of God’s one time love, those of us who chose to follow and obey what Jesus commands have an abundant life in the “dirty here and now” as well as the hereafter.

For those who do not choose to follow Jesus, John 3:18, which is seldom quoted by the “God-loves-everybody” crowd, applies! It says:
“Whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned, but whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God’s unique Son.”


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