On Struggles



The sun won’t go out walking
The moon don’t need to crawl
My thoughts don’t need to wander
But I think you planned it all

I’ll applaud the team that’s winning
Feeling free to wave the flag
But the wheat will take a thrashing
Before it’s in the bag

A heart awash in sadness
In a brook of fear and shame
Will tumble through the eddies
While it searches out the blame

But amidst the unpanned gravel
There’s a stirring in the fire
God skims the dross from precious gold
So the poor can be its buyer

~NevillePark 2013 …A Toronto,  Canada,  Poet


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Hi! You've connected to 'The People Development Guy' in Toronto. I am a people's coach and human resource management consultant & workshop leader. To assist you with a quick overview, I specialize in business & life coaching plus training in organizations that measurably improves the performance of people! I help people flourish and organizations prosper by relating and serving better cross-culturally & cross-generationally! It's my heart, as a Follower of Jesus, to be a conversation partner with you and a servant to you in any relationship we develop. Please see my 'page' "On Truth" for a quick outline of the purpose of my Blog.

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