On Defeating Evil With Nonviolent Forgiveness

“Defeating Evil With Nonviolent Forgiveness”

Watch relatives of the beheaded and otherwise murdered, the extorted, the enslaved into prostitution and forced marriages, plus the raped and otherwise brutalized lift their Muslim persecutors up to God in the video here.

Only a true God is able to grace horribly-persecuted Christians around the world to forgive their Muslim and other persecutors as He commands in Matthew 6:14-15, “Forgiving Is Not Forgetting!”.

In the video linked below, the horribly-persecuted Christians witness to their Muslim neighbours as commanded by the authentic Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, “Jesus’ Great Commission”.

The Christians ask Jesus to draw active, plus silently-consenting, passive-terrorists among domestic and foreign Islamists to Himself so that all Muslims may gain true abundant life now, and avoid hell in the hereafter.

Through Web and media broadcasted viewings of their heart-felt forgiveness, Muslims everywhere are hearing that God’s Son is the true “God ,The One & Only”, NOT the Islamic Isa described here in their hatred-filled and violent Koran.

Following are only a small sampling of the 100+ Koranic passages justifying the genocide that al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, and all supremacist Muslin jihadists are practising minute by minute around the world …NOT just the Arab and Iranian ones in the Middle East:
Koran 5:33,
Koran 8:12,
Koran 9:5,
Koran 9:29, and
Koran 47:4.

The above links all connect to a popular Muslim site for their chief Holy Book, the Koran, where you can read the verses in context in both in Arabic and English.


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