On God’s Undertaker


“God’s Undertaker …Has Science Buried God” is a book by John C. Lennox.  He is a  British author and mathematics professor at Oxford University.  It is written for both Christians and non-Christians.

Mr. Dawkins, plus other of the New Age,  so-called “New Scientists”, write angrily and unprovably against religion, and particularly,  Jesus -following plus Christians.

Mr.  Dawkins actually calls Christians ‘evil’!

As the book cover quote by another reviewer announces, Mr. Lennox’s book is an excoriating demolition of the theses of the “New Scientists”.

His section “Defining Science”, pp. 32-35, was particularly helpful in clarifying for me an issue which I sense confuses many non scientists.  The confusion about what is ‘science’ results because, according to Professor Lennox, even scientists cannot agree on a definition.

Professor Lennox has now clarified my take on the issue as follows. I’ve summarized it as one of my S-M-A-R-TTips™:

“There are two kinds of scientific enquiry: 1. ‘experimentation’, and 2.  ‘inference’ or ‘abduction’. Scientific theories that are based on repeated observation and experimentation carry more authority in the scientific community than those which are not. There is always the danger of the media and the public failing to appreciate this fact. When this happens, people intentionally, or mistakenly, clothe the latter with the authority of the former. This error wrongly elevates personal opinion to the level of replicable science.” ~ © gfp ’42™

My conclusion is:

“There is no real war between science and religion. When has an atheist ever debated an Islamist? The root of the controversy is spiritual! The alleged war is diabolical, fear-induced opposition to Jesus Followers driving anti-supernatural / materialistic scientists.” ~ © gfp ’42™

Non-Christian: be informed by an honest and well-documented point of view. Christian: enjoy and be apologetically better equipped!  (One Peter 3:15-17)

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