Islamic State Sending Jihadis To Europe Disguised As Migrants

“Islamic State Sending Jihadis To Europe Disguised As Migrants”

The Islamic State (IS prior ISIS & ISIL) reportedly plans to send fighters to southern Europe disguised as migrants.

Who would have thought that the new Muslim Caliphate, IS,  would do something ‘stupid’ like this while Europe’s leaders dither in response?

Who hasn’t figured out that they’re already doing just that?

And who doesn’t think jihadis are coming as immigrants to North America already?

Might Europe’s, plus CANs and the U.S.’s, governments be wiser to simply stop being politically correct to protect the clear mistake of excessive,  heinous multiculturalism?  That horror already is flushing our nations down the toilet!

Canada and U.S. beware!

Not everybody deserves to emigrate to our countries!

We don’t need any more Muslim terrorists. We’re growing enough from within our own nations!


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