“God Is Staightforward”

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“You Want Me To Do What, Lord?”

God is not difficult or tricky when it comes to giving instructions for their obedience to his servants.

If He wants us to not murder, He says plainly, “Thou shalt not murder.” If He wants one to not build / rebuild something, He tells them clearly …as He told David not to build the temple and let his son Solomon do it. (2 Samuel 7:12-13)

Obviously, God knows that if He wants us to comply with His will, He had better not leave it unclear or subject to dramatically different interpretations. Otherwise, we can have the excuse of “I didn’t understand what you meant, Lord!”

The man Jesus was not only God but He also was the greatest prophet (proclaimer of the will of God) ever to walk the planet before, then, and since.

Why then to do so many Jesus Followers spiritualize, or just write-off, ten whole verses of His absolutely clear and straightforward statements? Does Jesus not clearly say, with absolutely NO qualifications, to NOT use personal violence in any form …on behalf of the state, or even for self- and loved one- defense?

Jesus says it in Matthew 5:38-48, His key “Peace-Making Commands of Total Pacifistic Resistance to All Evil” at http://diigo.com/0kmlr.

When interpreting either the Old or New Covenant, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, taught me what I consider to be the most helpful advice I ever heard about Bible interpretation.

Dr. McGee said:
“When a Bible passage makes common sense, don’t turn it into nonsense by giving it another sense than what it clearly says! ” ~ J. Vernon McGee (1904-1988) U.S. pastor & founder/host of “Thru the Bible” teaching program on worldwide radio

Please let me have your questions and comments below about what you’d add to or disagree with about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

Blessings in Jesus all …’till next we interact!

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