On Papal Political-Correctness

“Francis Is Just Wrong”</strong>

Had you thought how Pope Francis empathizing with terrorists fails Charlie Hebdo victims?

The author’s comment below is “right on” when he says among other excellent points that:

“To draw a comparison between commenting on one’s mother and one’s faith is irrelevant; one may love both, but one certainly cannot choose both. However, to use the analogy to normalise an act of retributory violence is a disgrace.”

As a Follower of Jesus …not a Catholic, nor a christian… I also would point out that even the Pope’s analogy to a punch is totally contradictory to Jesus’ command in Matthew 5:38-48 which He made during a core teaching session with His first Followers.

In the words one can read at the link, my Savior makes clear we may resist evil only nonviolently even in the case of self- or loved-one protection.

Jesus’s comment about giving up one’s ‘cloak’ is an interesting one in the context of 1st Century Palestine. What Jesus’ original listeners heard him say was:
“Give away your underwear and go naked rather than act violently.”

Do you feel being flip is not appropriate for the role model and teacher of millions re morality and relational behaviour? Likewise, is criticizing a legitimate fear …Islamophobia… acceptable just to support ‘religion’ as a lifestyle?

What do you thing?


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