“Who Cares Who Wrote the Gospels? “

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“The Bible Is Trustworthy!”

Having trouble getting Muslims and others, with whom you’re sharing Jesus, to believe that the New Covenant hasn’t been intentionally changed and is corrupted as they have been taught in their Mosques and online?

Many, including some, so-called “Christian scholars”, like some in the misnamed “Jesus Movement”, doubt the authenticity of the New Testament. Therefore, they condemn its reliability as the source for a Follower’s faith in Jesus. They love to point out, among other disputes, that we have no original documents or even a fragment of one.

That an original manuscript from roughly 2000 years ago has not been found is hardly surprising. There are many more recent document finds. Some of these date from the early First Century and are ‘essentiality’ the same as earlier found later ones.

BTW, “God’s Word” is NOT A book. The book is the Bible Canon of organized relgion. “God’s Word” is foremost and primarily the person Jesus The King. (John 1)

The differences affecting core issues of the Christian faith, which are contained in the reliable documents scholars study, many of who are not Christians, do NOT exist. This is a fact which has been documented according to the majority of trusted Biblical scholars.

Anyway, I prefer not to debate documentation with anyone, especially Muslims and stick to what I believe, on faith about, my BFF and God, the authentic, Jesus.

Faith, by definition, is NOT science or provable. True Jesus Followers do not base our lives lived in Jesus’ life on relics of organized, institutional religion as explained here.

God sent His son to show me the way back to My heavenly Father who created me regardless of how He did it.

Jesus, saying He was God makes Him either a liar, a lunatic or LORD! There are NO other choices.

I pick the last, and bet my eternal life on it!

If there’s no eternity, I lose nothing. I still have the abundant life now which Jesus also promises in John 10:10 at ? because I already have that

If those who don’t put their faith in Jesus are wrong my Saviour mentions some horrible ramifications as He confirms in John 3:18 here.

Over to you on this issue! Please choose wisely, Jesus says.

But, Jesus really did commit suicide to save you and me as He says In John 10: ? here.

How you get abundant plus eternal life by connecting with the “One & Only Living God, Jesus”, not dead religion is explained in Romans 10:8-13 at http://diigo.com/0lk6j .

Please let me have your questions and comments below about what you’d add to or disagree with about the above. Also, let me know how else I might be useful to you in any way?

Blessings in Jesus all …’till next we connect!

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Let Us Reason Together

For a Christian, this is one of the most important questions that can be asked of us. While witnessing to people, the Bible is the Christian’s primary source of information that we reference. Therefore, the question is bound to come up, “Why do you trust the Bible?” How the Christian answers the question may influence the questioner’s thoughts on the validity of the gospel message. Even in my conversations with Christians, I have asked this question, because I am curious to hear how they will respond. The two answers I hear most often are:

  1. Because the Bible claims to be true
  2. I was raised to believe it is true.

The problem with these two answers is that they are not grounded in anything objective. Other religions have ancient texts that claim to be true; however, does that make them true? Also, people of other religions were raised to believe their…

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